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(Chandragupta) #504

This is due to increase in carrying value of fixed assets consequent upon using fair value as deemed cost. Please see the notes on First Time Adoption of Ind (AS) on Page 60 & 61.

(bsdhindsa) #505

@Chandragupta : Thank you for your response. I looked at AR and found there gross block value is different from the one I mentioned above which is from screener

  1. Is the screener value incorrect ?
  2. Even if its incorrect, then is there any direct relation between gross block and cash flow from investing ?
  3. Can you please explain little more on how the gross block is effected by accounting rule you mentioned.


Looked at this years AR and found the mentioned of accounting standard change you mentioned. It seems they changed it retrospectively hence screen shot posted above from last year AR is not matching this years data and the screener. Thanks

(Dinesh Sairam) #506

There are no specific criteria as such. But the discussions in this thread might help:

(sarthak kumar) #507

I want to understand how the launch of new funds works. E.g some pharma sector funds are being launched.
In particular, I want to know how the fund creates its portfolio and how it affects the demand for particular stocks.


(Rohit) #508

Hi , is their any way we can see how much dividend we have got in last 10 years. I am not able to find this in detail in my SBI Capsec D mat account. They told me to to check bank account statement. But I can see option to download only last three years account statement.

(MHS) #509

Check here

(Rohit) #510

Yes , I know this. But considering v large no. of trades and shares (frequent buying,selling, trading etc) it becomes v difficult to calculate. I have traded in may be more than 300 shares (for short ,medium and long term) , so it becomes v tedious job to calculate the accurate amount. I could have taken the dividend amount directly from bank statement , but its showing only last 3 years no.

(MHS) #511

Check here:

1.upload the PF in; it will automatically add the dividends to the PF.

2.If u r account is in ICICI, u can down load the statement in excel, i think 10 years i am not sure here, in that u can segregate the Demat account related transactions in and out.

Hope the above helps.

(asarun) #512

Not sure if this has been asked already, but I wanted to understand better how to interpret “Other liabilities”. I was looking at VA Tech Wabag’s balance sheet, and I see that “Other liabilities” is continuously increasing having gone up from 578 crores in 2008 to 2070 crores in 2017. What does that mean exactly? Is that a cause for concern?

Appreciate any guidance/input on how to read this.

(Dinesh Sairam) #513

Reading the Notes to Financials might help. I haven’t looked at VA Tech Wabag’s AR yet, but “Other Liabilities” are usually Tax Liabilities or stuff that’s not directly related to the core activities of business. It’s still a better option to browse through the Notes.

(asarun) #514

I see, thanks for the clarification. I can’t quite make out for VA Tech, but just wanted to know what would Other liabilities usually cover. Also, that number I quoted from but it looks different from what I see in their annual report.

(sambandham82) #515

companies like HAL has got other liabilities of 19000 cr (advance + milestone receipt) where advance is received upon getting the work order and milestone is received upon partial delivery of parts of the product.

Anyone know what is the net of cash for HAL? since cash equivalent in current investment is 11000 cr and other liability is 19000 cr, i wonder is ther any net cash available?

(mahesh1980) #516

Hi Dinesh, is there any way that I can get the market share of a company? Is that data available in anywhere?

(Dinesh Sairam) #517

I don’t think any website directly lists the market share of a company. Annual Reports of companies usually mention this. You could also find this out with simple Google searches.

For industries where the major players are listed (FMCG comes to mind), you can do it manually by dividing the Sales of the company is question by the sum of the Sales of all the listed players in the industry.

(mahesh1980) #518

Thanks a lot for that quick reply, yeah I’ll go through the annual reports.

(Deepen) #519

Team, what is the best way to track the historical (20+ years) PE ratio’s for a company / industry ?
Any caveats that one should consider while deriving conclusions basis the same ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Rohit) #520

Hi , I would like to understand if raw material prices of any industries goes down , how can we find out by when it will start reflecting into P&L statements.After how many months , quarter etc. Is it related with inventory turnover ratio or inventory ? if yes , how ? And do companies in India uses FIFO inventory valuation only.

Thanks in Advance

(lalani123) #521

How do you evaluate a bank ? What criteria should be considered - ROE, ROCE, CASA, etc
I am trying to evaluate whether Icici bank has become a value buy or value trap ?

(inonix) #522

My question is regarding promoter holding. I read in many places ( here in valuepickr itself) that we must look for at least 50% of PH. But there are a lot of big guns without satisfying that condition ( eg :HDFC) and for companies like ICICI, ITC , Federal bank etc PH is zero . How should we interpret that ? Since the company is too big, don’t we have to worry about that? Or has the management proved themselves already so that we don’t have to worry about PH any more?

(Kamal) #523

A significant Promoter holding indicates that promoters have skin in the game (overall business affairs) and take active part in financial and operating decisions which may have direct or indirect impact on Company’s financial strength and its future prospects. In some cases, promoter has to reduce their holdings (as part of equity dilution) in order to fuel the business growth and maintain its competitive position.

Though, a promoter holding in isolation doesn’t tell anything about company’s affairs or future prospects. The other factors ( Business growth, corporate governance, competitive edge -its ability to generate future earnings and management’s ability to generate above average returns on capital invested) will have significant impact on Company’s affairs in the long run.