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Hi Friends, The Greeks in trading provide us the “dimensions of risk involved in trading derivatives”. yet, I am not using it while trading options…and ofcourse I have lost a lot of my money. I still am not able to figure out how to concretely use ‘Alpha’, ‘Delta’ etc… while trading Options. can my gurus in the forum help me to understand this. Is there any site or a book that could explain in simple terms. Thanks. Amigo

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Hello All,

I am a newbie in this forum.

Is there any ways to find how many shares a person owns ?

I read in some blogs and forums that a particular person owns certain amount of stocks of a particular company. Is this possible to see in NSE/BSE websites ?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi VP admins,
Can you please share any pdf / book/ link to analyse banks and how to understand their financial statements?


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Hi, This is my first post, is there any source where we can get price, pe, book value, and other ratios along with historical financial data for all stocks in one excel file?

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Thanks so much, this is a dream site! Have been trying to find something like this for 3-4 months!!

(kushal) #195

What is ‘equity capital’?
And what is the relation between ‘equity capital’ and ‘reserves’?
It would be great if explained with examples.

(Akbar Khan) #196

Equity capital = no. of shares issued * issue share price
The part of Net Profit not distributed as dividends is added to equity Reseves each year.

(kushal) #197

This means a company is considered strong if its Reserves is more than Equity Capital.
For example, Ganesh Housing Corp have an equity capital of Rs. 49Cr. and reserves of Rs. 688.25 Cr.

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Dear Sirs,

I am having trouble understanding the following:

Suppose a small unit (say X) is demerged (from a big company say Y) and then X is listed separately on stock exchange.

Now, how the listing share price of X is decided?
Is it predetermined or is it left to the market participants?

If someone can give any real past example, it will be very helpful.
I was going through Arvind Infrastructure’s demerger (from Arvind Ltd) in 2015.
But could not find answer to the above question.


(Akbar Khan) #199

Not necessarily. You might want to check how the total equity + reserves are increasing over the years. I can see that though the equity + reserves have increased from 610 Cr to 840 cr in 5 years (not really impressive), the debt has increased at a much faster pace. There seems to be a problem in converting inventory into sales and also recovery of receivables.

(Rhaegnar) #200


Is it mandatory to register in CDSL to recieve bonus shares?. Recently BHEL announced bonus ratio 1:2 on SEP 28th, I didn’t recieve it yet. What should i do?.


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Do anyone here, know what is the time period for reviewing the share to take out from T2T. Like I am tracking C AND C Construction. It was in T2T from 14th Nov by an order dated 9th Nov. When it will be reviewed again?

Is that reviewed Quarterly?


(Deepen Thakkar) #202

If you are holding shares in physical form you will receive physical shares at your registered address . You can communicate with registrar in case of non receipt of shares in physical form . If in demat the bonus shares will automatically get credited to your demat a/c

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I am new to investment and learning things from VP forum and also by reading books . Could Any one from this group help me to understand wrt to below query I.e

How to Predict ""Expected annual growth rate i.e ‘g’ " in the below intrinsic formula of benjamin graham ??

V = EPS x (8.5 + 2g), or.
Value = Current (Normal) Earnings x (8.5 plus twice the expected annual growth rate)

Pls help me to understand

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I would like to ask. How to know whether the profit company is generating is going to back to business? By going back to business I mean buying of more raw materials, or increasing capacity. Basically profit should not go as fix deposit in banks or unrelated investment or siphoning off money for personal use rather than company. Is there any quick way to know this. If not what are the detailed ways to know this. What all things to check.


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Is there any way we can get Institutional Report of brokerage firms?

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What is the last day for the Quarterly results? Isnt the allowable time is 45 days from the end of quarter? If yes, how companies are coming up with the result now?


Seeking Wisdom from anyone who could help to understand the questions noted in the attached image. Thank you for your generosity.

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Sir what does Behavioural Finance exactly mean…

I tried wikipedia which says something like this "Behavioral economics, along with the related sub-field behavioral finance, studies the effects of psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions and the consequences for market prices, returns, and resource allocation, although not always that narrowly, but also more generally, of the impact of different kinds of behavior, in different environments of varying experimental values.[1]

Risk tolerance is a crucial factor in personal financial decision making. Risk tolerance is defined as individuals’ willingness to engage in a financial activity whose outcome is uncertain…

Can you please elaborate…