Infosys Limited - Are we getting a discount or no?

(Beginner) #81


Record date was before offer later issue i.e. 1st Nov

(Kamlesh Patel) #83

I don’t have first hand experience but based on what I read and understand from others exp, yes we can do that. You are entitled to participate based on holding as on record date.

(Pavas) #84

I cant figure out link in HDFC Sec to tender shares…anyone having idea about it

(jayantmum) #85

there is a separate buyback dashboard within the equity drop down.
but, its not clear whether one should mention all shares to be tendered irrespective of the entitlement.

(Shivram) #86

You can mention all shares that you wish to tender irrespective of eligibility. But make sure the quantity was held before record date. Else your entire application will get rejected.

(Kamlesh Patel) #87

Anyone tendered shares through HDFC Securities? They do show Infosys and Wipro in Equity -> Buyback - > Dashboard. But in Action they do not show APPLY button. Any reason why is it so?

I have tendered through ICICI Direct and it was very simple process there.

(jirohit) #88

due to bank holiday, it will be available from 4th dec onwards.

(Kamlesh Patel) #89

Thanks for the reply. But they do not show any kind of message there. It is strange for such a big full service brokerage house.

(jayantmum) #90

I think “apply” button appears only during market hours for infy and wipro - will have to check this on 4th dec.


Anybody has idea about how to do it in axis direct website/app ?

(Marathondreams) #92

Check the IPO section. Sometimes buyback, rights etc are shown under “IPO” section.

(Mahesh) #93

How does buyback work on sharekhan?

(Manohar T. Patil) #94

I have 170 shares. I received email from Infosys Ltd when they commenced buyback program, This email states - Entitlement for Buyback in terms of No. of Equity Shares as 48.

Now, while tendering on ICICI Direct, it allows me to tender all 170 shares.

Question - Shall I try to tender full 170 shares OR it means that there is no point blocking in all 170 shares if the eligibility is going to be 48 shares or less?

Would really appreciate guidance on this question.

(Susindar) #95

You can tender all your shares if you want to. This does not mean that they will accept all shares on offer. Minimum acceptance will be 48 shares. The rest will depend upon how many others do not participate in the buyback.

(Susindar) #96

I have 170 share and acceptance ratio is 48 shares under retail category. Whereas my father has 170 shares and only 10 shares got accepted. Why is that and what can he do?

(Rohit) #97

I have not got any email from Infosys yet. What can I do to apply for buyback

(jayantmum) #98

you may check the tender form which also mentions shares held on record date basis which entitlement number of shares is calculated. Alternatively, your father may be categorized as some other shareholder category for which entitlement works out lower.

(Chandra) #99

Hi ,
Infy buyback through Zerodha .Infy share holders , can go to QBackoffice , Portofolio , select buyback option enter the Qty and save.

(kapildhaka) #100

How can we do this at IIFL?