Infosys Limited - Are we getting a discount or no?

(sambandham82) #101

Thanks Chandra…i did it this way and its very simple.

But Zerodha customer care told me 2 months ago that we need to send scanned copy of tender form to zerodha. So did they improvize from that old method to this new method? Or i still have to submit scanned tender form?

(Chandra) #102

@Sambandham You are welcome. The Zerodha Customer care mentioned that only we need to submit Online. No need to send scanned copy.

(Mahesh) #103

Zerodha has changed its process from scanned copy to Q back office. Much easier, I must say.

(nitinku5021a) #104

In the letter of offer, it is mentioned that even if they don’t receive the tender form, for demat shareholders a valid bid entered through broker will translate into valid application for Buyback. So no need to send scanned form either to broker or Karvy.

(Chandra) #105

Infy Buy back - Got update from Zerodha that buy back money will be transferred to the account by Dec end.
I had offered additional stocks ( other than what I was eligible) for buy back, I dont have update from zerodha how many shares Infy bought back from my offered Qty.

(nitinku5021a) #106

Acceptance ratio is around 50%. Most probably will get credited tomorrow.

(Roy) #107

Could you share the source, please?

(jayantmum) #108

got a message from broker (HDFC) last night - acceptance ratio little over 50%

(Pavas) #109

Actual ratio of 52% … i know someone who applied to tender 100 and 52 accepted

(nitinku5021a) #110

%age acceptance will vary according to the no.of shares tendered. Check with your broker.

(Roy) #111

I tendered 205 shares, out of which 108 shares got accepted. Very profitable, low risk buyback.


Money got credited today.

(Ketan) #113

Special-case investing for Infosys has worked out quite well:
175shares*900Rs/Sh bought in September 2017, has given ~Rs.33k pre-tax returns in 3.5months or 21%+ (not annualized).
Wipro investors were not that lucky- they got ~10% returns (pre-tax, not annualized) in more than 4 months under buyback…
In any case, decent returns for both calculated bets :grinning:

(sambandham82) #114

Acceptance ratio for retailers was about 54%. Then out of 175, only 94 gets sold for a profit of 23500(94*(1150-900)) out of an investment 157500(175*900) which leads to 14.9% gain (not annualized).

Also if wipro’s acceptance ratio was higher than infosys, then the gain also should vary accordingly.

(jajushobhit) #115

For someone who purchased @900 and sold the balance shares after tendering for buyback @1040 on Friday the overall gain is around 22%.

(shenbal) #116

Infy latest results.

Guidance marginally reduced.
Not very forthcoming on the decision to sell off Panaya acquired by prior regime and taken an impairment.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) finds just one mention as a sub-set of digital.

Capital allocation policy is shareholder friendly. The company is expecting to return 2 Billion from Cash on the Balance sheet plus 70% of the new free cash flow generated.

Anyone following the tech sector and/or Infy please comment on the future strategy

(skg) #118

Infosys seems attractive with PE of 16. I dont expect share to grow much for next 1-2 years as company will be investing on reskilling the employees. Infact earning might go down for a while during this period. But it will grow in the long period. Need expert thoughts on outlook of infosys.


Looking at Cognizant and TCS valuation, Infosys appears very cheap. Should be a good buy around 1100. Tail wind of rupees depreciation will also help.

(GSApte) #120

One of the reasons of P/E at 16, could be that, there was Tax Write back in Q2 or Q3.
Earnings look higher this year due to this and also partially due to share buy back during last year.
It certainly looks fairly valued as compared to TCS, and Few others.
I believe that, they are moving back to IT services model with some thrust on Digital Revenue generations from new technologies and areas.
Overall, recent run up in CMP from 900 to 1150, seems to have happened due to some of the above reasons.
One may expect decent returns from these levels, as compared to TCS and Few others which look partially overvalued.

Disc: Holding Infosys since over 3+ years.

(GSApte) #121


This is regarding Bonus shares issued by Infosys as of record date 05-09-2018. (1:1 bonus issue).

ICICI Direct demat account is showing less no. of bonus shares issued on 11-09-2018.
Trading permission message was delivered on 11-09-2018.

There is a shortfall of XX shares on Portfolio-> Equity page, and shortfall of YY shares in Demat Balance Allocated Quantity page.
Has anyone faced problem in bonus shares issued by Infosys on 11-09-2018.
I am checking with ICICI Direct, but this is first time, that I have faced such problem with my Demat account.
If any one has done some checking already in case of such a problem, it would be good to know.
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