Infosys Limited - Are we getting a discount or no?

(harishm) #61

Thanks much. This is interesting as it creates other follow up questions in my mind…

What other clearances have been awaited?
How can I tender my shares using a platform like Zerodha? I only see limit/market buy/sell option there…

(Hitendra Gupta) #62

you will get a Buyback form at your registered address - you are require to
duly fill it and submit to the mentioned address

alternatively one can do online also - this facility completely depends on
the broker you have…ICICI and HDFC have the option to apply for buyback on
their portal itself. so no need to do the physical mode mentioned above.

(Mahesh) #63

Zerodha allows emailing the tender form. Details are there in the wipro or tcs buyback thread

(Mute Spectator.) #64

What is the Record data ? if somebody buys today the buyback participation chance still exists.

(Vinay) #65

Record date is 1st November.

Also, wanted to know what is timeline taken by the Company to complete the buyback process to accept and remit the funds?

(harishm) #66

One should have purchased by 30th Oct for the shares to be in your account today (record date). So anything purchased yesterday or today may not qualify.

(rskothari) #67

When can I offer my shares for buyback. I want to do it online and my account is with sharekhan.

(rajiv.maskara) #68

Has anyone received the buyback mail from Infosys or is it too soon to expect one? I am not sure how it works so asking here…

(Roy) #69

The buyback window has NOT opened yet. The buyback process usually takes between 1 to 3 months from the record date.

(Rohit) #70

I have sbicapsec account. They told me that Infosys will be sending email with buyback form attached in it. I have not recieved any email yet. Do you mean I should recieve email in next 1-3 months or sooner.


The latest on Buyback…

The full link here

(khushi) #72

What is entitlement ratio for small investors ?


If the question is acceptance ratio or percentage, We need 3 answers to get an answer to this question.

  • How many who qualify as retail investors as on record date 1st Nov.
  • How many shares each of them hold or at least average holding of retail investors.
  • how many of that will be offered for buy back

This data will only be known once the buy back is completed, to my understanding.

(Manojreddym) #74

Entitlement ratio is 23 for 80 shares as per letter of offer for retail shareholders

(Roy) #75

Entitlement ratio for small shareholders is 28.39% and for general category it is 4.29%.

(JKS) #76

the infy buyback tender form showed up in the mail today. Do we have to physically print, sign and send? looks like that…will read it again…others pl clarify (this is my first buy-back adventure and the peanuts seem simply not worth but going thro the motion)

(Kamlesh Patel) #77

I can speak of process for ICICI Direct: I get buyback option just like IPO during buyback window period. It’s very straightforward process as good as applying for an IPO.

(JKS) #78

I have Kotak sec and I see the option in there as well (although, the infy line item is yet to appear…perhaps it will show up around 30th Nov)

(Susindar) #79

If I have sold in between receiving the offer letter and record date, can I repurchase and offer the same amount of shares for sale?

(Mahesh) #80

Is it ok to fill in more than alloted number of shares for buyback? Ef. If i hold 100 shares and 28 are alloted, what ahppems if I fill in 100 for buyback? Hypothetically, In case response is poor, will all my shares get tendered?