India Digital Media Landscape: a first-cut

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A good article on the OTT players and importance of good content

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Why India is attractive to tech Titans ?

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Noticed that Saregama is not mentioned in this thread. They have also gotten into the fray with Yoodlee Films in creating content for OTTs i.e apart from the music IP.

Three movies completed, rights for two of them sold to Netflix and the other one under negotiation. I watched one of them (Ajji on Netflix) and was impressed by the quality.

These fit right there will Netflix’s other Original content in terms of quality.

5 more films coming in this quarter. Considering it takes them just 18-21 days to make a film and none of these are the traditional hero-worship type movies, their costs are low. However their production values are top-notch (Check out this brand film which has bits from their first 3 movies) with very good cinematography and sound (mostly recorded live on set for realism). Subjects as well are very youth oriented, sometimes multi-lingual and aimed at the typical Netflix watcher - in the Crime/Thriller/Romance genre.

I think in terms of content and scope, Yoodlee Films seems a better bet in the Content space where there is a lot of demand from OTT players like Amazon Prime/Netflix/Hotstar. However, not sure how exactly Saregama is monetising its content with Netflix and what were the kind of deals made for the two movies.

Disc: Invested in Saregama

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Data points related to India’s Current Digital trends & potential:

A Target Group Index report suggests that 61% of India’s prolific internet growth is now coming from its regional belts, tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

India in 2017 had only 20% of 4G/LTE subscription, still, we have a huge runway for 4G high-speed internet penetration in tier2, tier3, and villages.
As the 4G/LTE adoption will increase the potential consumer for desi local content should increase disproportionately.