IDFC First Bank Limited

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IDFC holds only 40% in IDFC first bank post the merger with Capital First with effective date of 5th Jan.

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Thank you for the clarification vicky…

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Hey all, I like IDFC First bank. Here is my thesis. 05022019 IDFC First Deck.pdf (2.6 MB)
Let me know if you wanna discuss anything…would love to collaborate…

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Thanks for the presentation.

  • Am key to watch how the asset quality pans out, while they have inherited a ‘clean’ book from IDFC Bank, eager to see if some skeletons will come out of the closet
  • CASA and liability, only time will tell. So many times Vaidyanathan has evaded this question, that it is a bit of a question mark ! While one can’t talk about the nuances around the approach, his articulation that the market is big and we will ‘capture’ the incremental growth seems quite naive.
  • Finally, the ride will likely be bumpy as he expands branches and sacrifices medium term returns.

Am invested from Capital First days (over 2 yrs now) and my worst case assumes a 7% BV CAGR and 1.5 P/B Exit multiple. This should give a 10-12% return over the next 6 yrs

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Agree casa is tough. If any team can get it in the market its them and Indus Ind…will require re-thinking…12% IRR in worst case is good !!Can sleep well

Also, its at least a 6-8 y story…


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CASA @10-11% is tough when compared to ~50% from kotak and HDFC. This is also driven by high interest rate currently being offered on savings account (As much as 7%, much higher than incumbents)
Also they are still not into credit card business, which is a risky bet but has given HDFC a better foothold in the retail market. Kotak also catching up, although long way to go.
IDFC is clearly a multi year play, the management might give you just the right amount of optimism to stay invested for long.

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Thanks for the presentation.
I am not expecting much in next few quarters. They need to build the synergies soon with the 2 entities.Building the CASA going to be the biggest challenge.
Only thing I wish they had done was to rename the brand to a different name with no IDFC in it, so its given a much cleaner slate. Carrying IDFC in the name, IMO, carries all the more baggage of the past and makes the job all the more challenging for the management.
This is clearly a long term play for investors with the faith firmly based on Vaidhyanathan.

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I like it when there is a reasonable doubt on performance…those are the cases that are interesting…Am neutral to IDFC…can name it whatever…good thing is the margin of safety.

Have uploaded the deck at:

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Let me know if anyone is facing trouble with the deck

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Excellent deck, clear and concise. Thank you for preparing and sharing it. Just wanted your take on tech use in banks since you touched upon it - I’ve heard about Yes Bank’s use of tech in really glowing terms as the best user of fin-tech. How would you compare IDFC Bank (now) with Yes as tech is increasingly becoming a business differentiator even in the relatively staid banking industry.

Thank you

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Working on that to share something analytical. My take is: the new age ones dont have legacy issues. Indus Ind, Yes, ICICI and RBL have had good tech. I have read IDFC using their e-adhar machines for withdrawls. Doing my scuttlebutt. Opening a back account with them

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I opened an account today, was fairly easy with the portable machine they carry. The whole operation took less than 10 mins as it was authenticated by adhaar. Pls note that my city still doesn’t have an IDFC branch. This was done through an agent visiting my premise.
Tech-wise, they have made it fairly easy to add funds to your account by integrating ccavenue (although it should cost them much more than the IMPS/NEFT based fund transfer). Other than that the interface is clean and is customer friendly.
I have been studying the evolution of banking and customer experience associated with it. In the west as well, during my days as a student, I had an online bank account with a bank with no physical branch. It was cheaper to open an account and it gave better customer service compared to traditional banks there. However the story in India is tad different. Banking is still in its nascent stage when compared to the west and the customer experience piece in banking is also fairly new, and brought by private banks like ICICI and HDFC. Legacy problems may be there for PSUs but the other private banks are fairly well equipped and have leapfrogged various technological barriers. API banking and white labelled product/services will drive the next growth cycle in Indian banking after the recent slowdown and for that, my bet is higher on YES and RBL more than IDFC simply because they are better equipped. Although the Zerodha partnership with IDFC is something to look forward to.
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Possibly under-appreciated and will possibly sound strange, but many of IDFC first bank shareholders themselves (in addition to millions of capf customers) could become interested in opening accounts with them after they increased interest rates (I know of quite a few shareholders having opened multiple accounts for self and family etc.)

I mention this because IDFC first bank has 7.6 lac public shareholders , comparable to any of its bigger counterparts.

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ccAvenue is one of the lowest cost processors/gateways but still I’d think UPI will be the way to go to cut even that cost. Totally different, because of brokerage costs (even with prepaid) I’m considering leaving ICICI Direct and going with Zerodha. How would you compare them ? I’m not a trader and typically buy and hold for atleast few years unless something is a dud/mistake, when I book losses and move on.

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With such high saving interest rates, will the bank not be actually incurring expneses for acquiring each new saving account customer?

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It’s a good strategy imho. Specifically the slabs; 2 lac+ balance only will fetch you 7% pa. This can help in 2 ways i suppose 1. Savings balance per customer will become amongst the highest. 2. Ratio of savings balance to FDs will become high. Rest only time will tell.

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Unofficial news, but getting to understand from few folks at Increed capital that they are being acquired by IDFC First bank. I have not verified the news yet and cursory google search shows some linkage with the parent IDFC but no such news.

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That is probably because of the price of stock. 40ish vs 2000 (in case of HDFC bank)

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ccAvenue is a low cost gateway but I referred to deposits. Usually it is done through cheque, cash deposit or NEFT/IMPS from a different account.
I have been on Zerodha’s platform since 2016 and it has improved a lot. Transferring money was a pain before UPI came into picture. Above all that Zerodha has become a big platform with numerous products build on it (like smallcase, coin, balance). You should give it a try.