Hitesh portfolio

(kvbsagar) #2583

Hearty Congratulations Hitesh Sir…

(Sachinsb) #2584

Much well deserved accolades Hiteshbhai. All your posts are succint and you provide prompt and helpful responses to the many queries that are addressed to you. Lot to learn from you. As mentioned by others, you are an inspiration for us.
Wish you a very happy and successful 2018.

(khushi) #2585

congratulations @hitesh2710. Your views needed on HB Stockholding at current price. Personally find good value in it.

(KUNJ) #2586

Congratulations! Hitesh ji. Needless to say well deserved recognition. Really admire ur investment approach and humility.


(nav) #2587

Congratulations Hiteshji and thanks for your advice and guidance! This thread in itself is an inspiration to many investors.

(pbelamge) #2588

Congratulations @hitesh2710 and wish you a very happy and prosperous year :blush:
Also, I take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable information on stocks that really is helping new investors like me

(Rishi) #2589

Congratulations to Hitesh bhai and very well deserving!! One of the many prides of VP forum. Take a bow.

(sta) #2590

@hitesh2710 sir. How do plan your exits? How much rope do you give. For a company to perform

(eshwar) #2591

Congrats Hitesh bhai.I wish you to achieve bigger success in every aspect of life :slight_smile:

(rajiv goel) #2592

Congratulations Hitesh. Well done and deserved

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Congratulations Hitesh bhai :joy:and very well deserving!!

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Congratulations Hitesh ji.

(Ashish) #2595

Congrats Hitesh!! Always a pleasure to read your to the point comments and crisp analysis.

(gkg) #2596

congratulations Sir… may you GOD bless you with good health and more time to share your learnings… @hitesh2710

(kapil1301) #2597

CONGRATS Hitesh Sir.
You are a very smart Investor but your Humility really sets you apart.


(P Sharma) #2598

Hello Hitesh,

Heartiest Congratulations. This is a well deserved accolade to your selfless service to the investing community at large.

All the best wishes for your continued success.

Best Regards


Hearty Congratulations @hitesh2710. You are a great inspiration to many investors like us.

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Many Congratulations Hiteshji. It makes me all the way proud as we happen to live in the same city. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Wish you all the very best.

Rgds Mukesh.

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What a great way to start new year! Congratulations Hiteshji and thank you for being a guide for many newcomers on this forum,

(tintin) #2602

Congratulations Dr. Hitesh.