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@hitesh2710 many congratulations, very well deserved sir.
I have been a silent follower of the thread. I wanted your views on KNR construction and aurobindo pharma

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Congratulations Hitesh Sir.

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Congrats Hitesh Ji. You are inspiration for many investors.

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@hitesh2710 hitesh bhai, what’s your view on DCM Shriram? Q2 saw all 3 businesses firing in tandem and now they are undertaking capex in each of them over the next 18 months. Looks cheap but debt needs to be watched out. Your thoughts?

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Congratulations Hitesh Bhai ! You deserved it…

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Congratulation Hitesh sir.your sharing of knowledge helpful
especially for novice investor like me immensely.

Thanks & Regards.

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Congratulations @hitesh2710 Hitesh bhai. This thread is a testament to your generous spirit and willingness to share your knowledge. I have never seen you not answer any small query. Experienced investors are likely to get irritated at stock tip level questions but you make an effort to be kind and generous in your replies.

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A well deserved acknowledgment Hitesh Bhai.
In fact I stumbled onto Valuepickr searching for You from the earlier Forum you participated.
Please continue guiding and inspiring.

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Hiteshji, first of all congratulations and happy investing.
I would like to know your thoughts on crest ventures and compuage info? Thanks

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pls give 5 stocks you would recommend for long term considering new investor from 2017… i was also 1 of ur patient and was very happy to c ur article on ET

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Valuepickr is not a forum for providing tips or any other form of advisory services. Its a forum where people come to learn and then earn. I hope u also do so.

For direct advisory purpose there are a lot of advisory firms giving services which you can avail of if u so desire.

I hope I dont get such messages in future.:grinning:

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I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming response to the ET article and their shower of love and wishes. Its more than all the money the multibaggers earned for me.

From now on we take the thread forward back to business of analysing companies and devising portfolio strategies.


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Just to pen down some thoughts at the current juncture in the markets and some stocks I find attractive (though these should not be considered as recommendations)

The present market seems to be a momentum driven markets where if u spot a good company either through fundamentals or on charts or a combinations of both, in next few days its off to a rally. Its often scary to see stocks soaring so fast and so high.

But on the other end there is a sort of apathy towards some companies which are seen and which have proven to be steady compounders. Among these latter group of companies some of the companies I like are PNB Housing which has been growing at a decent growth rate since past many years. Even if the growth were to turn tepid from historical rates, it would still grow at a healthy rate. The best thing about the company is the predictability of growth for the company. Hence one can allocate a decent amount of money to the stock in the PF. Stock has corrected from levels of 1700 plus to around 1300 plus and remains in a range of 1300-1350. I have entered the stock with a medium term view. The key monitorable remains the asset quality as the company has LAP to the tune of 30% of its total loan book.

Technically PNB HF seems to be getting supported around 1300 levels. On daily charts there are some positive divergences where the past three bottom were lower than each other and still RSI managed to post a higher bottom each time. Lets see how it pans out.

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Hi Hitesh, Let me be the first one to talk about business of anaylsying companies :slight_smile:
Do you track BKM Industries (Manaksia Industries) they are a Cap manufacturers to the Pharma and Beverarge sector.
Your thoughts and inputs would be very helpful.


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Not much idea about bkm inds

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Thanks Hitesh for getting back, much appreciated.

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FY12 30 Cr
FY13 50Cr
FY14 65Cr
FY15 103Cr
FY16 126Cr
FY17 165Cr

Wow, looks what a growth, hold on its not earnings , it is Equity base.

Excellent and unmatched growth on revenue and PAT
PNB has delivered profits faster , double than that of HDFC Ltd

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Hi Hitesh - any view on new listing of Shalby, guess who better than u on it as it’s from Gujarat and in your field only :slight_smile: ? Putting my brief view for your reference - They are the leader in joint and knee replacement, Dr. Vikram shah is the leading specialist in the field, has great reputation. They have scaled up and expanded significantly in last few years from 2 hospitals to 8 hospitals (another 3 to come up in next 12 - 18 months). Major investments in hospital capacity done with total bed capacity of 2200 beds out of which 800 are put to operation, they can bring more and more bed into operations as the utilization increases.
Hospital is high capital intensive business (like hotels) but Shalby is doing things differently, have higher growth rate and margins compared to industry, good growth potential in field of joint replacements, have expanded to multiple speciality, decent roe which should improve going fwd. Your views pls.

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Historical ROE over the last 10 years for PNB HF is sub 15% which is among the worst for HFCs. Also equity dilution have been very high over the last 10 years. Do you see ROE improving for PNB HF and does it still deserve a PE of more than 25 with sub par ROE?

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Dear Hitesh Jee

Would like to have your thoughts on the future performance of Prakash Industries after the latest Q3 results.