Hitesh portfolio

(HG) #2563

Congrats Hitesh! Right from TED days till today your sharing has helped people like me immensely. Best wishes always.

(sta) #2564

Congrats @hitesh2710. Sir. Thanks for all your help

( s das) #2565

Congrats Hitesh Bhai

(bvr007) #2566

Congratulations @hitesh2710 !! You have been very generous and helpful to all the members…Best wishes and
Thank you !!

(Rajesh) #2567

Rightly said by Donald in ET that you are most admirable and generous. I am regular reader of your each and every post. Never purchased your share but liked your analysis and english very simple to understand. You explain very complex things easily. ET article describes you fully.
Happy new year. Continue good work.

(Mukesh Tolani) #2568

Congrats Hitesh bhai.

You are an inspiration for all of us here.

(Hitesh Patel) #2569

Thanks to all my esteemed VP friends for these warm wishes. I am overwhelmed by the love and affection showered by you guys.

I have been very lucky to have stumbled on to some really good books and friends (cum guides) early on in my investing career. These were the guys who made the journey easier and even more important, pleasurable. Thanks to all of them. I am not naming them because there are many of them but most of them are on valuepickr and hence the message will reach them.

I love interacting with fellow investors and hope to continue doing so.


(nkabra) #2570

Hi Hitesh Bhai,

It was a pleasure to read he article about you and how you are a doctor plus a great value investor.

I have been buying Nocil-since 170 and bought it upto 183. Do you think I should still hold it.

Sarla Fibres - I went for it due to Anil Kumar Goelji and Shyam Sekhar who are visionaries in their own right. What is your view. I bought is at 58 and 58.10.

GNFC - started buying at 310 in small quantities. I am heavily invested in GNFC and bought upto 510 levels. Now it is 500.

What is your analysis strategy… Do you follow any specific strategy

Any thoughts on Jash Engineering? and Triveni Engineering?

(Kamlesh Patel) #2571

Thanks you Hiteshbhai for answering all questions asked by ValuePicker members. It takes huge efforts. It certainly reflects your attitude of GIVER and HELPER.

It was pleasure to read article about you and happy that you got much deserved recognition outside ValuePickr community. Congrats!!!

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Congratulations hitesh sir

(Amit Aggarwal) #2573

Many congratulations @hitesh2710 Hitesh, this is a well deserved appreciation and acknowledgement of your investment wisdom, experience and generous attitude in sharing your knowledge with investor community. I have learned so much from you and continue this learning journey.

I hope to meet you one day and take a selfie with you that I can paste on my desktop for never ending inspiration and motivation.

Wish you have many more successes and happiness in your investment journey and life.

Best wishes,

(Sujeet) #2574

Many Congratulation Dr Hitesh!

(kumar) #2575

Many Congratulation Dr Hitesh Ji.

This year which sectors will lead the markets and mentioned some stocks

(Shan) #2576

Congratulations Dr Patel. Amazing clarity in your thoughts. Kind of gospel for some of us. Very happy for you.

(Shashi Praharaj) #2577

Congratulations Hitesh bhai.
Silent follower of you from the beginning and quite appreciative of your stock picking ability.

With all Best Wishes

(Vishal Bharti) #2578

Congratulations Hitesh!

(Hashims) #2579

Hearty Congratulations! Hitesh Bhai.

For sure you deserve much more appreciation for the service you do for the fellow investors and sharing your valuable opinions with very patiently and simplistic manner.

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of ”promises

I remember this quote and i corelate that with just an ounce of your sharing knowledge, pounds of benfits to novice followers like me.

I ensure always not to miss your threads whereever i spot you. :grinning::+1:
It is always pleasure to read your comments.
May god bless you with more prosperity& health.

Best Regards

(Rajarshi) #2580

Hitesh Bhai you deserve all the accolades and much more! Your clarity of thought and willingness to share knowledge has helped a lot of us.

(Hashims) #2581

Thanks @furkanalam for sharing this very very happy news. :blush:

(Riddhi Shah) #2582

Many congratulations Hitesh bhai!!