Hitesh portfolio

(Dhwanil Desai) #2543

Hearties Congratulations, @hitesh2710, Hiteshbhai. It is very well deserved acknowledgement.

It has been fascinating to learn from your wisdom, advise and experience. I have yet to come across any investor, who is so clear headed and accepts/rejects an idea within minutes with succinct reasoning. Another trait that I look forward to imbibe from you is the “emotional detachment” that you have with your investment ideas.

Your willingness to share your knowledge and wisdom on this forum and off this forum is testimony of your humility. I and many others have benefited immensely from it. Please accept my sincere thanks for it.

Wishing your more success and happiness ahead.

(Dragon) #2544

Congratulations Hiten Bhai.

Dhawnil sir next an article will be featured on you as well…

(Hemant Gedam) #2545

Congratulations Hitesh Bhai!!!


Hiteshbhai ,Everybody at VP is aware of your contribution to value investing but happy to know that at last your talents have been publicly recognized

(Prash) #2547

Congratulations Hiten Sir. Though I haven’t contributed to this thread, I have been a regular reader here. Your thoughts are inspirational.


Doc saab, congrats on this achievement! I still remember long TED days where our interaction started. I recollect well you was bullish on Laxmi Energy and Food…:slight_smile: later it turned out to be a different story.

(Santosh Sinha) #2549

Heartiest congratulations @hitesh2710 , our own Hitesh Bhai

This is a well deserved acknowledgement , I also know u want to avoid the media and limelight, I don’t know how the journalist managed this one. I have learnt so many things from you. A Big thank you to you and this separates you from others that is the intention to help others and small people and new investors.

A very happy new year and best wishes to you and your family !!


(Susindar) #2550

Congrats sir! Well deserved indeed.

Please share the Midcap software pick mentioned in the article.

(Kumar Saurabh) #2551

Congratulation Hitesh Jee, the journey started from TED , continued at VP and reaching greater heights with lot of knowledge sharing . Many of us are blessed to have your selfless guidance n help

(biju john) #2552

Congratulations Hitesh for introducing me to Valuepickr and your advice. Remember buying Ajanta based on your advice as a dermatologist that you liked their products. Still hold on to Ajanta. Remember you starting the threads on other great picks like Canfin and Kaveri. Once again thanks for all those great picks. Well deserved.

(Marathondreams) #2553

Congratulations @hitesh2710! We are blessed to have person of your humility and wisdom guiding us on this forum. I always enjoyed reading and re-reading your analysis and explanations!

What I liked the most about you is your ability to see the big picture and keep it simple for the layman investor like me.Thanks a ton for everything you do for fellow valuepickrs!

(PKumar) #2554

Congratulations Hitesh sir @hitesh2710…Your crisp reasoning and perfect writings are worth emulating :slight_smile:

(Srinivasan Sundaram) #2555

Congratulations @hitesh2710. Your answers are to the point and flawless. I learn lot from your posts…Please keep guiding us… May God bless you!!


Congratulations @hitesh2710 Ji. Thanks a lot for all your contribution, they are of tremendous help to the VP community. We are blessed to have your guidance.

(gagand03) #2557

Heartiest Congrats Hitesh bhai!! You rock as though am new to valuepickr but it is your constant guidance and views which has kept the community going along with a few other stalwarts…
Keep it up and keep rocking!! More power to you…

(maheshkumar) #2558

Congrats sir ,great job ,really admire ur style of investing


Congrats hitshbhai …thanks for your guidance and writeups in the forum.

(Manoj) #2560

Congratulations @hitesh2710 !! You have been very generous and patient in answering queries from anyone who has a query. Thank you !!

(Hitarth Panda) #2561

Your stock picks are always interesting. Congratulations sir.

(Anupam) #2562

CONGRATULATIONS !!! ET Headline Hitesh Bhai !!!..Miles to go !!!