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I had a look at Emmbi some time back and it did seem interesting with differentiated products. But I am guilty of not following up on it. Not much idea about Skipper.

Regarding the rest of the picks u mentioned, Canfin and Ujjivan are extensively followed. One needs to be careful about asset liability mismatch in case of Canfin if interest rates would start moving up and keep moving up. Sharda Crop is an interesting company in the agrochem space.

@jstocks, I have no idea about any of the holding companies you mention.

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Hi Hitesh,

Wish you and your family a very happy new year! :smile:

Wanted to know if you hold or your views on BLS International (seems really interesting / unique play) and real estate as a sector /stocks.


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Hi Hitesh,
Please explain this statement as i could not understand-
“One needs to be careful about asset liability mismatch in case of Canfin if interest rates would start moving up and keep moving up”.

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Hitesh sir do you share same views for LIC housing finance at current price which is very close to it’s 52 weeks high and around 30-35 % below it’s 52 weeks high.

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@niranjan13, I dont have much idea about BLS. But I think the thread on VP is well populated with opiniions and details.

@mpbajaj53, Last I saw a few quarters back in case of canfin, the borrowing is of a shorter term nature as compared to lending which is of a long term nature. So if interest rates were to go up quickly company will have to move fast to raise interest rates of outstanding loans otherwise there can be NIM compression. This is a hypothetical scenario.

@khushi, Most financial stocks are taking a pause after a stupendous rally in past few years. Same is case with LIC housing fin. I dont follow it too closely so no views about the same.

I was just looking at some pharma stocks and some charts of companies like Ajanta, Alkem, etc seem encouraging. Maybe its time to keep an eye on the sector for a possible turnaround in situation. Currently I dont have any positions but would keep an eye out for any potential winners.

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Thats great news @hitesh2710 Hiteshbhai for a pharma lover like me. Request you to post if you find anything interesting. Btw, would like to know your technofunda view on Sun Pharma, if possible. It has made a move after a lot of consolidation on the back of the positive USFDA news.


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Hitesh Bhai,
What are your views on 8k Miles and Indian Metals(IMFA)?

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@advait, Sun Pharma seems to be consolidating in a range of 500-600. Need to watch how it moves. Currently it doesnt seem to show any trend.

@vkhare789, IMFA looks good for short to medium term perspective esp in view of the expected continuation of strength in ferro alloys. Even technically it looks good. Not much idea about 8k miles.

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Hitesh bhai, I would like to know your views about shipping sector. As the sector is in woods since long and has been witnessing
distress sale of ships/vessels by companies can we conclude that turn-around is about to happen ? pl. enlighten us with your
valuable inputs.

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@hitesh2710 Hit Bhai,

Though we may not match your wisdom to pay you anything back in return for continuously showering us with your generosity by relentlessly providing your views and guidance without even a slight hint of impatience, we at least can Thank You and hence wanted to wish YOU a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2018 :pray:, because 2018 may turn out to be different for us :crossed_fingers:

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Headlines on Economic Times today … Congrats…

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Congratulations @hitesh2710. What a journey! A big thank you for inspiring small investors like me to dream big. Your techno funda approach and its success just goes to show that investing doesn’t need to be arcane only for the chosen few. Well deserved indeed and thank you once again for sharing your knowledge.

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Congratulations @hitesh2710. I am silent follower of this thread…Thank you for all your valuable suggestions…

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Congratulation @hitesh2710 bhai …

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Congratulations Hiteshbhai, your journey is very inspiring.

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Congrats @hitesh2710. Really credible and well deserved. @RaviKumar put it nicely. A big thank you for helping numerous retail investors. May God give you more success in both professional and personal life.

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@hitesh2710 Sir, congratulations, have been following since last three years and really enjoy reading your crisp and to the point views. Big fan of your analysing skills for both fundamentals and technicals.


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@hitesh2710: Thank you hitesh sir. Congratulations. Doing a great service to community and retail investors in their journey.

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Sir congratulations, pleased to read about u

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Congratulations @hitesh2710 bhai. You always make sure to respond to each and every query posted at you. That speaks a lot about your work ethics.

Wishing more success in future.

Keep guiding small investors the way you have been doing so far.