GeorgeJ Portfolio - Long Term

(ramanhp) #42

Any specific reason for adding more of Canfin homes. Given that it has run up so much recently.

(Roy) #43

In one of your earlier posts you had mentioned that you wanted to restrict the number of stocks in your portfolio to 10. I noticed this number has more than doubled to 21 currently. I’d be glad if you could explain the rationale behind moving from a concentrated portfolio to a (relatively) diversified portfolio.

(Georgej) #45

Can fin homes is the leader in housing finance sector and I think it will continue to grow at good rate giving the govt inclination towards housing for all and with elections coming in next two years this sector will surely be in limelight. Also its a well managed housing finance companies around.

(Georgej) #46

Yes I want to be concentrated but there are lot of stocks which I was tracking and came to good level to enter. Eventually going forward the number of stocks will reduce to 10 or top 10 stocks will have 80-90% allocation. I want to be flexible when doing my investing as and when required.

(Georgej) #47

Current portfolio with only one stock added recently.

Please note that I am not a SEBI registered analyst. Please do due diligence before taking investment decisions.

(Susindar) #48

My 2 cents. Your portfolio looked much more impressive and concentrated when I started reading the post from first with visibly better results. Now it withmore stocks, both the quality and returns seems to have come down although even now with good returns.

(Georgej) #49

I am still learning and trying my best to get consistent returns with my stocks. The returns as compared to earlier is low bcos I booked profits and bought most of my stocks recently. I need to wait and see how the companies perform in coming years and act accordingly to keep the portfolio healthy.

My portfolio will eventually be concentrated in coming years as most of the stocks I bought are small and mid caps and it will take time to evolve. Once the performance is consistent I will increase my holdings in respective stocks.

(Georgej) #50

This is what my current portfolio looks like. I have trimmed position in banking/finance to balance my portfolio. I have removed few companies due to bad result and looking at future returns in my portfolio.


Exited below stocks.


Please note that I am not a SEBI registered analyst. Please do due diligence before taking investment decisions.

(Saji John) #51

Thanks @Georgej for the update. Very impressive performance. Would like to know what was the reason for exiting Tata Metaliks? I thought it had a long runway. I got into it at the same entry point as yours.

(Georgej) #52

Thanks sajijohn. The only reason I exited tata metaliks is to realign my portfolio. I still feel tata metaliks has a very good runway and last qtr result was also good. But KNR and Skipper I thought would give better result given Govt thrust for Infra, power and agri. Hence exited Tata metaliks.

KNR construction has very clean balance sheet, has highest margins and ready to let go orders where other players just bid at nominal margins to win orders. Management is honest and conservative. They have decent order book and are known to their early completion.

Other stock which I added is skipper which is into Power (Transmission, value added products and services ) and Water (Piumbing and sewage, borewell and Agriculture). Recently they have announced JV with MetzerPlas Cooperative Agricultural Organization, Israel for drip irrigation business. Have a clean balance sheet with very low debt and good return ratios.

With Govt focus on Roads, Infra, power, agriculture I think these two stocks are well placed.

(Saji John) #53

Thanks George. I did have a look at Skipper, I am waiting for funds to
invest in that. As you mentioned it has very good prospects. I recently
invested in IRB when it gave a dip recently hence I will miss KNR. Best
wishes for your investments.

(lprabhu1107) #54

Pretty impressive portfolio. Observe that your entry price in OCCL, Sterling Tools and Chamanlal remains almost the same from the beginning, which indicates that you are not increasing allocation in these stocks. would like to understand the thought process in not increasing allocation in quality companies like OCCL.

(rkothuri) #55

Hi @sajijohn
I see DSPBR, L&T are already holding Skipper. What other things you are looking to for taking an entry? I see there is huge potential for PVC business, recent JV with Israeli company for drip arrigation, consistent performance from Engineering business, good management, well placed manufacturing units to cater all of India making it a sweet spot for entering it, right? Please share your views.

(bimalb) #56

Skipper seems to be catching eyes of many prominent guys. Ocean dial fund has almost 3% in Skipper which reflects in there Nov 17 report. Ocean dial has Sanjoy Bhattacharyya as advisor. Skipper makes it to their top 10 holdings now.

Here is the block deal at 229 per share.


(Georgej) #57

Thanks Iprabhu1107, yes you are right I have not increased allocation in all those names mentioned by you. The stock price of all those stocks have run up to fast and I don’t want to add at this level and will wait for atleast 30% drop to add more.

(Georgej) #58

Hi All,

Ended this year with good performance. Hope that next will also be as good. All the best to all of you.


Have a profitable year ahead.

(Georgej) #59

I have added Tiger Logistics to my portfolio last week. GST is said to be a big game changer for logistics companies but will need to wait and see how it works. There is a separate thread on Tiger Logistics.

I think its a decent logistics company which is debt free, asset light model, profit growth at 30% since past 5 years, return on investment around 30%.

With recent agreement with Compass and Falcon I think the order book is going to increase substantially. With this agreement Tiger Logistics will service USA and Saudi Arabia and India on exclusive basis and Brazil-India trade on non-exclusive basis.

Here is a bit old report on Tiger Logistics but gives a good idea about the company as a whole.

ICRA expects logistics sector to grow 10% annually.

Here is one more report about logistics sector.


Please note that I am not a SEBI registered analyst. Please do due diligence before taking investment decisions.

([email protected]) #60

You seem to have a knack of picking less known companies and make a good return out of it. Congratulations! What’s your philosophy behind picking these stocks? You hardly have admitted a “blue-chip” into your portfolio… Does it take more effort tracking your portfolio?

(Georgej) #61

Thanks. Yes I always keep track of all the stocks I own. I have created alerts to track all the events. I have no set philosophy in picking stocks. I read a lot and always look for opportunities to enter the stocks early.

I have 30% of my fund invested in mutual fund to take care of blue chip need. I add periodically in every crash to my mutual fund.

([email protected]) #62

That seems like a good idea! Leave the bluechip movement to & from the portfolio to MF manager and you manage the concentrated portfolio…