Electric Cars/Bus :: Call it a Disruption?

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Is this confirmed? Mentioned by Hero in their AR somewhere?

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Yes, check Pg 169 of FY18 AR.

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Thanks will do.


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An electric car that runs on air and water


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Lithium demand picture

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For electric cars - “power” will be “petrol”, Power demand would go up massively and that too from the people who are largely likely to pay for it. Incidently, mutual funds have increased their holding in NTPC by about 22% during Dec’18. Mutual funds run by renowned fund manager’s such as - S Naren, Prashant Jain has increased the stakes meaningfully. It will be very interesting to know the view from VP members on it.

Note - Arguably - this post can be added to NTPC thread. Happy to go by senior boarder advice.

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MFs can purchase a stock for many reasons…
Here is my take… NTPC or any utilities stock shall be purchased by MFs if they think there will be huge volatility in markets in next few quarters…

As a measure to steady their investment performance… Since in volatile, sideways and downmarket, utility stocks can still go up for their dividend and low beta characteristics…

Not sure that it is due to power demand for EVs… It is several years away in India… And we must remember that while EVs may need power, many industries are going renewable and wishing to be carbon neutral in future… So, net net, i don’t expect even expect a double digit volume growth even after EVs are largely bought in India

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  1. Sales of ICE vehicles peaked in China in 2017 at 28.102 million units. In 2017, EV sold 777 thousand units but it was not enough to blunt ICE sales. And then, last year, the EV earthquake happened: EVs sold reached 1.26 million units. ICE tanked, to 26.821 million.

2)EV reached, therefore 4.49% of China’s total vehicle market last year. Most have not fully absorbed the implications as EV now take full control of marginal growth. EV policy is now paired to both industrial and climate goals.

  1. With China’s vehicle market failing to grow for the first time in two decades–and with EV now in control of market growth–what happened to road fuel demand last year? According to the IEA, it fell by 1.3%. Latest data shows China consumed 6.4 million barrels per day of gasoline, diesel, and gasoil in 2017 as the vehicle market was peaking. Then last year, that total fell to 6.3 mbpd as the vehicle market flipped hard, in favor of EV. The prospect for future road fuel demand in China only gets worse from here. Warning shot now fired.

  2. IEA forecasts are out JAN 18th 2019 … And as usual it’s “oil demand growth despite all obstacles.” IEA is forecasting 1.8% growth in China road fuel demand this year (Gasoline+Diesel/Gasoil). Take note: IEA forecast 2.33% growth for last year. But demand actually fell 1.3% - They refuse to believe decline has started

  3. Electricity is NEW OIL : In 2017 for example, China grew electricity generation by a fresh 362 TWh. But 95 of those new TWh came exclusively from combined wind+solar. Coal wasn’t stopped yet, and provided about 200 TWh. The rest hydro, and natgas

  4. As the research team at @TheICCT have shown, the greatest EV growth in China is not happening in the major cities but in the tier 2, 3, and 4 cities which are less wealthy but where super-mini EV are affordable. It’s the opposite of the Tesla model: putting low end first.

  5. An EV put on the road now in California not only harvests the efficiency gain vs an ICE car on the level of the engine, but systemically also, as it plugs into a more efficient grid running 20% on wind and solar

Interesting times ahead …

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