Commodity and Cyclical Plays

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Still positive. Short term upmoves and corrections keep happening.

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I was planing to invest in monnet Ispat 6 months back ,buy Luck didn’t invest

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In a bankruptcy case, shareholders are last in the pecking order. I couldn’t understand how one can think of investing in NCLT companies, without knowing what the equity dilution will be ? Not knowing the value of one’s equity, post the resolution.

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CARE view on steelsector


What r yr views on Prakash Industries result? Good performance on power but not so good on steel. If it has to buy power instead of generating it performance would have been very poor. Debt reduction not as promised. They talk more than could deliver, specially future guidance.

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Good results from vedanta…

Investor Ppt -

Disc: Invested

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Prakash Industries has reported EBITDA margin of 23% in Q418 and Godawari has it at 28.4%. Does anyone know what has been typical peak EBITDA margin in previous cycle tops and for how many quarters these margins sustain before the reversion to mean starts happening ? I hear generally peak margin has been 25% in previous cycles but do not have historical data to validate this.

Disc : Invested in JSPL. Trying to understand how much more time we have before cycle turns back.

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Is anyone following the strike at imfas plant?They price has corrected because of that. And additionally if anyone is following ferrochrome cycle, please share views.


India Steel : Industry Analysis

National Policy on Steel as shared by

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imfa.pdf (962.2 KB)
Ferroalloys-outlook-november2017.pdf (1021.3 KB)

Slightly dated. Hope it helps.

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Any thread of jspl. I am also invested in it and can’t find a thread here. If it’s not there, then we should make one.

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Youtube links to my interview on CNBC couple of days back.


Good one Jiten. How do you approach the indepth study of the sector of interest? It would be great if you could take Infra-HAM as an example and walk through the process? Regards and Thanks.

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@jitenp- This a great thread. I haven’t played heavily into cyclicals as part of my previous risk appetite but i have been following this thread for sometime. I am now slowly getting into it and your shared knowledge here has been great and thank you… Great interview and congrats…

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@jitenp Congrats on the interview. Great insights.

Personally, I have never invested in cyclicals in the past. First encountered the counter-intuitive approach of investing in cyclicals in Parag Parikh’s book some years back. However neither did I think deeply about it nor practically try it out.

Practically understood how to go about investing in cyclicals when I saw @Mehnazfatima posts in the recent sugar cycle. Then when @jitenp started this thread with his presentation - Many of the hazy points kind of connected together and formed a decent framework of how to go about investing in cyclicals.

Thanks and grateful for the teachings - @jitenp and @Mehnazfatima.

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@jitenp Congrats sir… great interview and many useful insights…

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Great interview @jitenp Your insights have been invaluable in getting me started into cyclicals. This forum is incredible with such wonderful and down to earth stalwarts. More power to Valuepickr!

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Great and was explained in very simple words and I have even started digging blogs and news for trigger.but need to learn more regarding cyclical.

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@jitenp - Congratulations !! Huge value addition to the knowledge of everyone especially in a area where there is not much content available - cyclical. Everybody talks quality & long term. Cyclical being low quality, not long term yet making lot of money. Thanks again.