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(Growth_without Debt) #1799

Odisha begins evacuation as Cyclone Titli inches towards coast
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This will hit hard on Aqua culture

(Growth_without Debt) #1800

Anu update from management/local guys …about impact of Titli cyclone and rain on Aqua culture?

(Growth_without Debt) #1801

Wheat and Soyabin price will remain strong


(nil_71) #1802

This data is wrong.

Avanti sources entire stuff domestically and price is hovering around 28-30 Rs per kg. My comments r based on data only

(sarmams) #1803

GoI’s MSP for soya is a misincentive (along with China’s decision to cut import duty on Soya imports from India), which I expect to drive more increase in Soya Crop acreage in India. So,I expect soya prices to come down (already down by 25-30% from yearly highs).