Yasho Industries

Environment clearance is still to be received. 24 months thereafter for expansion to come on line, right? Or have I got it wrong?

Yes, EC is still pending and after EC approval it will be 24 months or more. Till that time the sales will not move beyond 10-15 percent.


Yes, Operating leverage has been played out, now normal compounding will happen, stock will hold till it’s capex is ready for fire, gestation may be 2-3yrs , in the mean time competitor with ready capex will have edge,

The promoters were thinking for large capex as they said in latest concall that this capacity will be the highest in their history and what turnover they achieved since inception this capex will add more turnover than that. They must have waited for all visibility to think of this Capex. Meanwhile competitors like Camlin Fine, Clean Science will be there with their ready capex but the industry tailwinds will help accommodate multiple players imo.

The stock price may test patience of investors till the new capex gets functional.


Q1 FY23 Results-
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