Where to start looking for stocks?

I am new to Investing, just a year older. My journey has been good mainly due to bull market we have here, so i wont take any credit.
I want to ask knowledged persons here that from where to start looking for new stocks away from the market speculation and noise?


You can look at http://www.screener.in/ which is a good screening tool.

You may find the following thread useful in getting familiar with it.

You can also look at http://investr.co.in which help you narrow down to a smaller list of companies that you can focus on.

More details can be found at:

As mentioned by @mpbhat, screener.in is an outstanding tool to look for stocks and I would argue the only one you will ever need.


Happened to saw your website today, let me congratulate for your hard work.

Two queries I have, perhaps you would have replied them before. In case let me know I will go and dig.

  1. Can we build customise query on your website?
  2. Have you put only fundamental screeners or technical screeners or both?

What I am looking at is this:

Accelerated revenue, EPS growth. For last 5 quarters wise at one place.

Second same data above basis sector wise or industry wise?

Third the price momentum on each stocks as above. Say 1 Month, 3 Month etc.

Can it be done? a line or two will be appreciated.

Dear sir

Have a look at the stencil I have designed mainly taking data from Screener.in . It is an access database linked with many external excel files … for EOD, 52W high Low etc

It gives :
Quarterly Results … YoY growth of Topline PAT … % Margins etc
Annual Results … YoY growth of Topline PAT … % Margins etc
Price Momentum and Corresponding PEs
Adding few parameters whenever I have time … such as Annual High and Low PE

I am willing to share the stencil to anyone who can make use of this…


Brilliant stuff

I guess it can be run when required? Will it give one company at a time or we can generate a list? For example I want to see stocks which moved say more 30% in last 3 Months , then we can drill down to quarterly revenue growth etc.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much Sir… I am honoured …

We can filter on any criteria or set of criteria … such as price change … Growth etc and scroll the all other data for the filtered results …

We can take a summary of Sector wise and compare the data for Eg


Thank you for your appreciation! :slight_smile:

Can we build customise query on your website?

In a way you can. Queries on InvestR are represented as “search tags” they start with a forward slash. E.g. /margin will filter companies with a certain profit margins and the user can customize the minimum profit margin that is required. Tolerances on all the search tags are customizable. And multiple search tags can be combined. If you are looking for a company with certain minimum topline growth and certain minimum dividend yield then you can say: /tlgrowth /divyld

There are a whole bunch of search tags that can be customized in the settings page and used.

Have you put only fundamental screeners or technical screeners or both?

It is a combination of both. While majority of the search tags are fundamental or valuation based. I do have search tags like /price that filters companies whose CMP is less than the 30 DMA. I also tag companies with a downward arrow if the stock is trading below its 200 DMA.

As the site is maintained only by me (both the features as well as backend data) there are limitation on the features. But you can compare a company with its peers within the sector on various fundamental and valuation parameters by clicking the “Group Icon” besides the company’s name.

Things like EPS growth and last 5 qtr data is also available upon clicking the “Chart Icon” besides the company’s name.


Can you please share this stencil with me also?


Start with Nifty 50 stocks and read their annual reports. These are well known companies and their annual reports are well written as well. Once you are done with that you can move to Nifty Next 50, Nifty Mid Cap, Nifty Small Cap etc in that order. Progressively quality will get worse.


yes very much
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Sure but how could I access to stencil

I don’t know but if it could be shared at ramnamah@gmail.com

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