Where to find conference call transcripts?

Hi, KEI industries had scheduled a conference call on Feb 03 2017. I am trying to find details of that conference but no luck so far. Does anyone know where should i search for it? Is there any website where conf call of all companies is available?

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Try ResearchBytes. It has conference calls of most cos.

Thanks a lot Nelson…it was very helpful!!!

Do not know where to post this but

For some reason, I am not being able to access the latest conf calls audio and transcripts on researchbytes.com, since the last few days. Is anybody else facing the same issue??

yes i am also unable to login in resarchbytes.com, is there some problem in the site

Research bytes is no longer operational.

You mean they’ve shut down??? How else do we access all the conf calls? Not all companies have them put up on their website

Its working.

The website is functioning but the conf calls/PDF’s cannot be heard/read

Even their app is not responding. I guess it has been down for a long time now. Is there any other place we can hear to the conference calls?

Yes it was not working for me …

Yes, Not working for me as well for quite a few days.
Would be glad to get alternates.

I am really surprised to see that there are no alternatives to listen to old earning call or read the transcripts other than research bytes. It can be a great business itself to start one. I have seen some on indiainfoline but researchbytes has a bigger collection.

I just opened it and it’s working fine. Some companies do upload transcripts in their website. But that’s bit slower than researchbytes. Some companies do notify BSE/NSE with the transcripts.

I was never able to listen to the audio’s from researchbytes either through computer or through phone. I have tried to access audios from different companies but it never worked. Suspect it has something to do with Adobe Flash Player issue. Any help to overcome this is appreciated. I have not used apps for accessing researchbytes so far.

But I came across this document by MO which has links to several several audio clips of recent quarter. Hope this helps other VP’s who had similar issues like mine.

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For folks who are having trouble logging in / listening to the conference call recordings on ResearchBytes, here are a couple of solutions to help resolve this issue:

First Method: You will have to signout of Google+/FB if you are using G+/FB authentication on RB. Also, make sure you clear all cookies for RB before you land on the https version of the website: https://www.researchbytes.com/ Ideally, use Chrome browser on your Desktop. Allow popups for this website. Now you should be able to re-login and listen to conference call audio without any hitch.


Second Method: No need to login. Once you search for a particular company and land on that company’s page (Ex: https://www.researchbytes.com/Yes-Bank-Limited-Y0028.htm), inspect or view source of the page to find the Voiceconferencelinkid for that conference call. For example, 140400 on Yes Bank’s page. Take this number and plug it into this URL, like so: https://www.researchbytes.com/webcast.aspx?WID=140400 The audio will start playing automatically.

Both these methods work only on desktop and not on mobiles or tablets. Adobe Flash isn’t available on mobile and tablet devices. I really wish the RB developer fixes these issues and allows downloads of audio files so that we can listen on mobile and tablet devices. Until then, these are workarounds.

To the RB developer (if you are reading this): You have built a valuable website. Please don’t let it rust.


I tried this. While it did not work on Chrome, it worked on IE.

That was helpful. Thank you.

While trying to upload docs, which I do regularly, I had experienced issues for nearly a month and then it went off recently. Even I could not send a communication to the admins with some errors popping up. I also have a similar request to the website developer/owner of RB. You have a unique asset and echo the above sentiment. I have not seen any recent updates worth to appreciate.

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Thanks @vasuadiga The second method is working in Chrome as well.

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I am unable to validate my account using their SMS authentication-it’s throwing an error page on PC/phone both. Is anyone else facing the same issue or found a solution to this?

use only mozilla… and dont sign up with google or facebook… sign up manually…
it really is irritating signing up…
in case u need take assistance from this researchbytes number 02261047515 , at least this is the number they call back from generally…

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