Was my order executed at wrong price by broker?

on 13Dec2017 I put regular delivery buy order in zerodha and it was executed at 675.90 but when i checked the day movement it never reach there. And when i sent email to zerodha they email me they do see 675.9 price and sent me nseindia snippet. but moneycontrol.com and other sites shows this stock does not trade in NSE(only bse) and no other sites shows this stock reached the 675.90.
Actual price of the stock is 615 only, I lost 60 rupees per share. And my concoern more is how many of these wrong buy prices triggered from zerodha. I can’t keep track of all these so I am very concerned how many previous orders went like this wrong higher buy price.

Looks like a freak trade. Was this an after-market order?

no it india time 9:07AM
my image time shows 19:37 bcz i am in US california.(the time is on my mobile app).

my concern is how many of these kind is happened to my old orders and how much I lost because of zerodha

Well then its Pre-open. It is pretty common for these freak trades to happen in pre-market and after-market hours. Please use limit orders only during those times as the liquidity will be very low.

check the nseindia website…

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Hi rahul,
please check other sites, no one is showing this stock is listed in nse. even you may check the nseindia intraday

Hi All,
where do i rise these issues, because zerodha is not helping here by just sending the nseindia snippet showing 675.9 price.

yes… seems moneycontrol and profit.ndtv have some issue but other portals like economictimes & rediff, indiainfoline are showing that stock is listed on nse.

It is indeed listed on NSE. Check this

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This is the chart for TCPL (NSE) on Zerodha. You can see that the opening price is 675.90 (Probably your trade)


I don’t think, this is a legit issue, I feel this is a misunderstanding issue. The default buy option (order type) in Zerodha is “Market”, which means, at the time of your order, whatever the price been bidded in “sell”, will be bought for you. I always use “Limit” type, so that our order will be executed when the price is matched in the bidding.

To check your order type click on the more information arrow and you see your complete order details.

Regarding your point on not being listed on Moneycontrol or other websites, I’m surprised to know that you rely on those sites, instead of directly checking at the source of truth, that is the exchanges itself :slight_smile: Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t after all they get their streams from exchanges, which might break. You check check for news their, definitely not for live price tracking.


thanks for the insight of “market” type order. so should i Put all the time limit orders in the zerodha.
I am just regular investor always buys in CNC(cash n carry) category

TCPL started trading on NSE from 17-Oct

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Both “Market” and “Limit” are oreder types under the CNC mode. So, If you wish to buy at given price, then select the “Limit” order type always. If you just want buy at CMP, then use the “Market” order. Hope this clarifies.

You can use market order under normal market hours if you are going for delivery trades and a small price fluctuation doesnt affect your strategy. Never use market order in the pre-open market i.e. before 9:15am. Also for stocks which have low liquidity always use limit orders. If you select market order for illiquid stocks you will more likely then not buy at the high price for the day.

Every day I notice that the last traded price after 3:30 is different in price ticker, chart and the nse website. After a minute or so the nse website price and Kite last price syncs. There is a difference of 10-25 paise. Is there anything fishy going on or is it just that in the last second too many orders come in and there is a lag? I have never seen this in any other platform.

There is a difference between CMP and last traded price.
The price which we see on the ticker is the last traded price, but if you give a market order there is no guarantee that it will get executed at the last traded price. It entirely depends on the sell/buy order and the quantity.
for eg
Last traded price - 300.15
Price - Quantity / Price - Quantity
300.10 - 10 / 300.45 - 25

in this case if you give a market order of 25 your buy price will be 300.45 which is higher than the last traded price of 300.15. So you should be very careful when you place a market order especially in security trading with very low volumes.

It is fundamental. BSE and NSE calculate Closing price based on the trading that occurs during 3 to 3:30 PM. So closing price is not the last traded price.


Thanks for clarifying that, I dug in more and found this.

“NSE calculates the Closing price based on the volume weighted average of the last 30 minutes”

On why it is done.


We keep learning something new!


Good to see people helping roayalreddy instantaneously within a day and giving several information about basics of trading.:clap::clap::clap:

Since this is a non-issue, please close the thread. Also kindly rename the thread title as it seems to be incorrect.

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