VP Productivity 2.0: Emerging Moat Deep-Dive Template - Processors

Thanks donald for the encouraging words !

Just read the whole post chain.

How do we start on this ?

Definitely looking up to this exercise as an immense learning opportunity.

If you have indeed read, why haven’t you updated Your Profile in “About Me”


Just did. Hoping the shorter version works.

Did you read and understand, why a better expanded profile (no need of company names, exact role) helps us to slot you better. If you update your profile to the barest minimum, how do you expect to be slotted in ahead of others. Where is the strong intent and sincerity of purpose coming through when you express an interest.

It should be apparent that we have limited bandwidth. It should also be apparent that those who got slotted in early showed strong desire, intent, and followed up with initiative.

Agreed. Updated the Bio now.


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Thanks @rohitbalakrish_ Ro Rohit fro taking the initiative with gusto. Was wondering when are yu going to perk up :slight_smile: Face to face meeting due Post…

Will check and revert, later in the day.

Not sure if you have read the instructions :slight_smile: in this thread properly before deep-diving

Just wanted to know. What have you transcribed/backed up with data points

  1. Ankit Gupta’s Interview
  2. Dhwanils Interview
  3. Your take - synthesising Ankit’s & Dhwanil’s and yours?

The idea is to retain individual takes with their unique angles too (as also the biases, gaps in understanding, superior insights) etc… So that differences in insights gets highlighted, or other differences in rating Business attractiveness, medium term outlook, Management DNA and stuff like that emerges clearly and we can learn to spot our own holes better.

And then synthesise for a common view. leading to an official VP Stock Story.
Either way it would be useful. But individual is certainly better - it opens up the inner-workings of the analyst’s mind to us in some ways> and everyone can learn something from these exercises.


Hi Donald,

Yes looking forward to meeting you- hopefully soon.

I have largely transcribed my own views. I hope that is what was asked for?

However I have interacted with both Ankit and Dhwanil on the stock over the last couple of months - so there is some overlap there.


When will well-meaning folks learn to …read through the entire thread…check other interactions before them, and do the needful. Do we really need to respond to every newcomer and spend 5 mins penning and repeating the same stuff?

Going to get stricter here. It is in your interest to be attentive, and respectful of others time, before jumping up - which we like a lot - that enthusiasm. But josh ke saath hosh kaha hai?!!!


@Donald Sir. Just read the thread. I would be also be very much interested in participating and contributing.

Please count me in.



Hi! I would like to contribute towards this exercise. I read through the thread and I could perceive two actions

  1. Update Profile to explain experience
  2. Participate in the “Mental Models for Emerging Moats” thread

I have done both. I am a newbie in investments but super keen to learn. Thanks for also sharing the template and letting us know the “trick” on Screener for other company valuations.


Hello Everyone,

I did go through the thread and @Donald Sir, I am really thankful for the template that you have provided. The biggest problem for a novice investor is to deal with the noise and without an investment framework, no one can excel. Of course I am interested in this exercise and I understand the “hard work required” that you have been mentioning between the lines. Looking forward on how to optimally use this thread.



Hi Kim.
VP is honoured to welcome someone of your calibre. I am sure the Community will be richer with contributions from you in future - especially in areas of your expertise such as Pharma. Look forward.

Yes, participation in Mental Models exercise for emerging moats will be enriching for any serious learner - to quickly get exposed to the most important attributes - what significantly can move the needle.

Let me energise a few folks to add more meat and show the way forward. Actually there were a couple of very good posts in the Market meltdown thread (from @deevee and @Worldlywiseinvestors ) - and lost there - on key attributes that move the needle the most. They belong in Mental Models thread more :slight_smile:

Will do the needful and shift these posts to the Mental Models thread.
Thanks you again Kim for your participation. I am energised, today!

PS: At some point - if you go on to become a prolific contributor at VP, we will have to establish identity. Right now, this profile update (if true) rocks! There are no brownie points to be had anyway for embellishing profiles.


I hope the check was sufficient to verify my profile = )

Hi @Donald, have seen many people posting on Axtel industries and Bharat Rasayan? Can we post on a company of our own choice or is the company being decided by the veterans?

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Most welcome.
As I have mentioned before, we want more folks to adopt this kind of templated 360 degree deep-dive work. Anyone is free to upload his/her work on a stock of his/her choice and seek feedback, get others to critique in-depth.

The more valued contributors like you take this up in earnest, the more encouraged will newbies be to adopt this as the way forward.

Anyone and everyone - most welcome to upload your own stock idea in this template. It doesn’t have to be be ONLY from the Stock-Story thread list; though everyone should consider that as a prioritised list - we might keep getting bargains. Only if we do solid 2nd order work like this that the template forces on us, will we have the confidence to allocate more, if the favourites get cheaper.


Maybe a better introduction Mr D


Please find my deep dive notes for IndiaMART.
I have put further questions in “red” in the pdf.


Hi Donald,

Been a silent follower of you and seniors here over last few years. Quite excited at chance of working with one of you guys. Have updated my profile. If that seems interesting, please count me in for your next analysis.


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Please find my deep dive document for KRBL.

KRBL_Deep Dive_Template_Amit Rupani_20April2020.docx (364.4 KB)