VP CHINTAN BAITHAK GOA 2018: Kumar Saurabh : My Investment Journey and Learning

Dear All,
Sharing the presentation which I made during 2018 VP Chintan Baithak at Goa. Basically, this covers my journey so far and experimentation of investment with technology. Hope it would be useful and happy to answer if any queries
Investment Journey and Key Learnings Kumar Saurabh.pptx (2.4 MB)


Hello Kumar,

Thank You for sharing the presentation and insights.

Could you please throw some insights on how your “Exchange Information Filings Analysis Tool” functions.

Thanks Suru for sharing your thought process :slight_smile:

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Basically its a R/Python script which does kind of web scraping on BSE site followed by data cleaning, aggregation, categorization and link tagging which is organized in a single point of source excel file which can be filtered by custom build categories, companies, sector, date etc.

I am attaching a sample below for your reference for auto sector.
all_data_filing_auto (2).xlsx (253.8 KB)