ValuePickr completes 10 years! Call for Deep Domain Experts to join in!

Congratulations to the VP Community. We recently completed 10 years!!

How time flies! It would not have been possible without your energy, passion and the blessings showered on the community - every one of us deserves a pat on the back for bringing us to where we stand. Now we need the community’s help to give our journey for the next decade 2020-2030 a big fillip!

As we have mentioned several times in last few months, the NEED of the HOUR is VP Expert Network 2.0. Why do we say that?

A senior @janak Janak Merchant had told us quite early in our journey (2012 I think) Donald there are 3 edges that you can enjoy in this investing game. I found it fascinating to think that way, and captured that in The 3 Investors’s Edges then, as below:

  1. Information Edge
  2. Analysis Edge
  3. Market Edge

Don’t you think those days of easy edges, are no more?
Information edge is almost non-existent today :slight_smile: ( we don’t have to elaborate on why and how). As is the Analysis Edge - everybody is more or less competent in the analysis game - and we could say VP has also played its role in this :wink:

Been thinking for sometime, on how to rephrase the Investors Edges, as they are today.

  1. Scuttlebutt Edge - this edge still remains for the diligent investor; NOT everyone likes to do the grunge work; arm-chair investing was too easy during the last boom; and now there are tough days ahead of us; Focused Scuttlebutt by the entire community can again take us very far

  2. Insights Edge - Reading between the lines/numbers; connecting the dots better, deep domain expertise helping us solve unsolved puzzles - witness a Shivalik Bimetal, still unsolved - I am quite certain that when VP community together solved much more dynamically changing puzzles like Kaveri Seed, and Avanti Feeds, we CAN solve a small static puzzle like Shivalik Bimetal, very easily by progressively speaking to 5-6 Auto OEM Marketing/Supply chain specialists. We haven’t connected to the right guys/gals; time we brought energy proactively to this.

  3. Markets Edge - VP has been week and less proactive here. We have started harnessing forensic expertise within VP Community (Ashwini Damani, Dhiraj Dave, Varadarajan, and others - have to be according them more prominent a role); inviting in Market Cycles experts and encouraging seniors to share more expertise towards getting started on basic Macro appreciation and awareness has to be pushed; more prominence to handling behavioural aspects - through process - Mr D had shown me simple process for every bias :slight_smile:; unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough, or diligent enough to capture that; will try again

Now how can the community HELP?
I sincerely believe each and every one of us can play our part. If we do that sincerely, we will have certainly moved much further ahead on acquiring all of Scuttlebutt, Insights, and Markets Edges!

  1. Urge all of us to update our Profile page (update your profile page -about me section) with more details on our work area, domain expertise, and connects. [Imagine how much easier it will be for us to conduct business/industry scuttlebutt if we knew our GO TO guys on a specific domain. Each one of us are domain professionals, have our own expertise areas because of our work area - from farmers, to traders, to dealers, to pharma, banking, insurance, metals, oil&gas professionals,… you name it…we have deep expertise within our 38000+ registered members; we have just to encourage ourselves to put our hand up/make it easier for others to contribute (they maybe shy or hesitant). An updated profile (within our constraints, as much as possible) will go a long way in helping VP Community forward from here.

  2. Urge all of us to Follow ValuePickr on Linked-In
    And certainly invite more of your professional/domain friends in. This will help the community attract more and more deep domain experts, senior academics, in every industry sector.

Together we can unleash a much refined win-win collaborative experience for the next decade - its a tough decade. We have to work much harder, smarter, and much more collaboratively!

Requesting every VP Member to bring energy to this important initiative and do our bit for VP and the Investing Community in India.

Inviting and soliciting your suggestions and views on the journey for the next decade.


Congrats :+1:. It’s been a frutiful journey for all of us. Updated my profile.

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Thanks Aravind. Update your profile :slight_smile:

Congratulations Donald, Ayush, Hitesh, Abhishek and entire VP team.

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Akbar - profile update please. Let people know your expertise areas :slight_smile:

An Appeal
There is someone who joined recently - in last 2-3 weeks from Robert Bosch Battery Systems LLC :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I was a little disoriented while approving, and forgot to invite him to update his Profile.
Please excuse me for putting the spotlight on! You could be instrumental in helping us solve the Shivalik Bimetal puzzle :slight_smile:

Please put your hands up for the Community (if there are no real constraints). If there are, maybe you could send me a private message, and we could talk?


Congrats Donald and VP Team!!! Kudos to great work done over last 10 years…


Hearty congratulations to all pioneers of VP , and each member of the community. Journey so far is rewarding, and I’m sure version 2.0 would be better!


Thank you @Donald
I was previously working in the commercial pharma sector. Happy to bring in my insights to the group now more proactively.


Congratulations to the entire VP team! God bless!

I am from the hospitality sector and would be happy to contribute.