Calling IT professionals with bandwidth to spare: VP integration with Domain Expert Network


VP 3.0: Structuring and Integration with a formalised Domain Expert Network
As some of you might be aware, this is something that has been high on my wish list, but not prioritised yet, primarily for want of someone to drive with energy and passion.

Our early thoughts are captured here

There is no gainsaying that he quality of Collaborative work at VP can easily go up by several notches if we take the trouble of accessing and connecting with the right domain experts - for every investment puzzle that we work with. It’s a pity that when we conceptualised VP in early 2009 and through the first 2-3 years, this wasn’t something that we could visualise and structure in.

Today we have more than 60,000 registered users at VP and senior professionals from every conceivable domain are present here. Some by chance we have discovered (or who wrote to us specifically) and given them a voice like in the VP Expert Network; some we have come across accidentally while actively searching for one. Consequently this has largely remained inefficient (buried in our individual contacts) and hugely under-utilised. Only yesterday I was speaking to a new VP Member (bio-tech PHD) who was keen to contribute, that triggered this formal appeal to our Community for passionate volunteers.

Today, when information edge and analysis edge are hugely diminished, what remains evergreen though is Superior Early Insights into a business/industry. The Insights Edge can greatly enhance - Reading between the lines/numbers; connecting the dots better, deep domain expertise helping us solve unsolved puzzles, over time.

With VP now at the scale that it is, think it’s long overdue that we brought energy proactively to this. So this is a shout out to passionate IT professionals within (and outside) VP Community with partial or complete availability/bandwidth to collaboratively take forward a very worthy cause.

At a high-level, we think what we need is deep AI/ML expertise to continually parse through huge VP content base of a decade plus to identify a) deep expertise and consequently b) deep domain experts, create a formalised structure to store/auto-update credentials (also aid voluntary/manual updates), auto-prompt experts to new content in their expertise areas that they may be like to contribute to, and much more along these lines !!

Those interested and having the bandwidth for this high-priority voluntary project at VP, please put up your hands here ( preferred :slight_smile: ) and/or private message me.

PS: Also, if there are some passionate folks (with huge spare bandwidth) interested in another 10-year genuinely impactful & altruistic not-for-profit venture like VP, but a much more structured and formalised Domain Expert Network, please approach me. Eager to find like-minded partners


Hi Donald,

I have been doing data science for the last few years and know a thing or two about AI/ML.
I will be able to contribute 5-8 hours per week (mostly nights and weekends).

I look forward to work on this oppty to give back to this wonderful community. Let me know how best to go about it.



Hi Donald,

I left my career in software and now learn investment. I am not into AI/ML it is just on my wish list so I would not be the best fit for this requirement “we need is deep AI/ML expertise”. In case you need an extra hand for some work you can count me it.

I greatly appreciate the contribution VP community has given to a person like me I truly enjoy learning from the community, Thanks for building this platform. If there is something I can contribute back to VP community in any form more than happy to put my time to better use for the community.

Girish Kolari