Using "Text Search" best-in-class capabilities


We all know how quietly incorporates latest features/functionality to make our investing lives easier and more productive. Latest addition was the Summary Notes - again Screener was fastest off-the-block in demonstrating and incorporating probably one of the most value-enhancing functionality aids from ChatGPT - Summaries. And what a time-saver it has been for the investing community.

I have highlighted before - the excellent sasta-sundar-tikayu “advanced text search” capabilities brought to us so simply by Screener - but probably has got unnoticed - among all the information overload that we drown in today. In that information overload context - and our ability/desire to quickly reach the kind of granular information we need/seek - again Screener comes hands-down unbeatable. So grateful to @ayushmit and @pratyushmittal

Here’s another small example (but to my mind, a great productivity tool for me) - in my bid to quickly land at granular information about individual company capabilities in Defence Sector.

(unable to copy paste the Excel/Word Table with usable links directly, will explore)
Useful_Links_Seekers-Grenades-Missiles-Torpedo.docx (79.4 KB)

I am simply bowled over! So simple and super-effective!
Sometimes the extracted paragraph itself is a giveaway clue to what we might be seeking. Let me know anyone who isn’t that impressed - or can point us to anything better - glad to include in my investing toolkit!

PS: Will keep adding to this doc/find a way to copy-paste table with links directly for other granular search parameters


Thanks a lot @Donald Bhaiya for showcasing your workflow. This is a wonderful way to convert the results into insights :star_struck: .

We are also working on “alerts” feature as well as other small improvements in this module.


wow!! thats a really cool addition …


Sorry was unable to find where the “advanced text” search option was. Would love to play around as its a super cool feature

It’s a great tool @Donald . You can also use this same feature for another purpose like searching for the PMS or investors you like to follow and Screener will show which con calls they are attending to screen new companies.


@Mayank_Makkar1 Agree. That’s another great use case :), though personally I don’t use it much. But I remember randomly trying someone’s name who had asked some great questions on a company concall that showed his superior grip on the business - a la who’s this guy :slight_smile:

And lo!, I was rewarded with finding out other businesses he had a similar grip and asked deeper probing questions. That was a terrific productivity enhancer yet again for me.


In the same search block but typing the text in inverted quotes eg- “search”