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Seriously, how can they afford to ignore songs of movies like Taal, Pardes, Ajab Prem ki ghazab kahani, Raaz 1, Mission Kashmir etc.!!

I have one confusion. I found songs of Karz (1980), Saudagar (1991) on Tips Youtube Channel, but those seem to be Saregama’s music (here & here) and hence found on Gaana, Saavn etc. Then how is Tips featuring these songs on its channel with Tips logo? Do they have some agreement with Saregama?


Audio and video copyrights are different. I guess Saregama holds audio copyrights and Tips hold video copyrights of those albums.


That must be part of Tips films, right? I can’t find those movies in the catelogue.

Under the licenses column on youtube it’s mentioned by Tips that it is on behalf of Saregama. It could have been an old agreement between the two in the 80’s.

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As a teenager from the 1990’s, there are a few songs from TIPS that takes me on a different trip. I wouldn’t touch a streaming service that doesn’t have those songs.

Yes I too noticed some SAREGAMA owned Tracks that did appear on TIPS OFFICIAL YouTube channel. HERO, SAUDAGAR, KARZ. Puzzled Why!!

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How did you arrive at the 25 cr. amt.?

25 cr deal amout is in public domain. Google…

BTW it was even mentioned in the Q1 earnings call.

A professional executive (SAREGAMA??)
will have a tough time convincing its board to use up its entire Quarterly Profit to buy music rights of just ONE MOVIE.

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Management in the Q1 conf call said that the acquisition cost of PS movies is lower than whatever is being reported in Media. Hence , I am assuming it may be slightly lower than 25 cr. Also, it includes both PS-1 and PS-2. There are total 60 songs in 5 languages. Can someone help me to understand when will this cost hit the PNL account. Will it be spread across multiple quarters or in the quarter in which music is released. I believe management said the latter , but just wanted to reconfirm.

In same quarter i guess coz tips right off cost in same year not like saregama who does in 10 years.

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Even if acquiring rights for PS-1 really is 25 Cr., it will hopefully benefit TIPS in the long run…

“Gaana/Wynk/Hungama/Saaan kab tak Khair Manayegi”??

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According to the management in the current con-call,“the costs will be set off in the quarter in which the first song is released from the album.” So I guess the cost of PS-1 will be borne in this quarter and the balance cost will be borne whenever PS-2 releases.


Have any of the existing investors in tips received tips films shares in their demat account? If so, when?

Received long back ( about month ago). Shares are not listed yet.

demerger in next 10-15 days .


If revenue expands by 25% and profits by 15% on a sustainable basis, what multiple is good?

in my view, profite temporarily suppressed due to high content acquisition as well they full charge in quarter itself.

I feel they’ll have to continue to acquire new content to remain attractive to content aggregators

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So what,

They deploy incremental cash flow back in the business is that what we are looking for !

How did you find it as I don’t see any in my account?