TIKR.com | Free Beta with Coverage of 50k+ Global Stocks

Hi ValuePickr community,

Hope you and your loved ones are well and safe. We were encouraged by Donald Francis to post here, as he thought the community would find value in what we are building.

We have created a powerful equity research platform for fundamental investors at TIKR.com. Powered by S&P Global CapitalIQ, we have coverage of 50k+ stocks globally including Indian equities. We have financials, consensus estimates, valuation metrics, transcripts, filings, ownership data, and more.

We would love to have you join our free beta and look forward to hearing your feedback. Please use the following link to register: TIKR Terminal

I have posted below an example of a valuation chart built within TIKR.com.


Also posting a screenshot of the transcripts feature and the overall platform.

Again, please use the following link to register for our free beta: TIKR Terminal


Congratulations Team Tikr, I’ve just joined the website and it seems great. It has a lot of valuable information available and is very helpful for finding data quickly, It will be very useful for investors. I just checked the quotes of few companies and the rates are of previous day, Please have a look. All the best! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the feedback. Our platform currently has last close stock price data, since we are still in beta and our users tend to be more fundamental long-term investors.

Having said that, we definitely plan to add real-time / 15 minutes delayed stock price data in the near-future!


I used TIKR for a while during their early Beta testing. It’s a good website containing many different data points related to a company in one place.

I was particularly impressed by the fact that they had Financials extending beyond 10 years.

Keep up the good work, guys.


Thanks for your support, Dinesh!

The platform seems really user friendly. Kudos to the team. If you guys can incorporate capacity details for manufacturing companies it would be wonderful.

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Another great website for small investor like us.


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Thanks for the feedback lrs007 and Bhaskar!

Hey! I have one feedback, it will be very useful if I can compare operating metrics and valuations of multiple companies on one chart. Currently I don’t think its possible.


Quite a few written transcript of the concalls and updates are quite frequent…have rarely found any site with updated concall transcripts in such a organised manner…Also very easy to read format and copy also if need be,keep up the good work…


Thank you so much for the feedback, Harsh. We are working on the ability to add multiple companies to the same chart, and hope to launch this is by the end of the month!


Another question, is all the financial data consolidated? Is it possible to see standalone and consolidated data separately?


Hey! Thanks for creating this amazing website. I specially like the ability to view the concalls so seamlessly.

One question: in the financials tab, some.of the data (for example revenue) only seems to be available for last 4-5 years (2016 onwards). Example: astec, hdfc bank. This is true both in the table view and the chart view. It would be great to have at least last 10 years financials and ideally, all years financials.
Screenshot below:

Secondly (and this is more like a wishlist item), I think what would be a great value addition, is a way to search over all the concalls for all the companies for the types of things which fundamental investors are most interested in: expanding margins, capex coming online, sustainable profitability, stable NPAs. To provide some context, natural language understanding is kind of my day job, so with that context, I do believe that this is definitely doable with currently available tools online, though it might be challenging. Thought I should still communicate the feedback :slight_smile: which is more like a wish.

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There is actually up to 15 years of financials data. You can drag the orange dot on the timeline to see all of the years of data.

You can also view quarterly data by selecting the option under “Table Options.” Finally, you can chart the data by clicking on any rows in the tables and then clicking “Chart Data”


I tried to check the website but it is asking first Register. Without seeing what is the value addition in comparison to the existing websites like Screener, moneycontrol, value research and morning star, how we can register.

At least show some examples on the website with features and let people decide to register and continue.

Thanks and Regards

You can find more information at our landing page at TIKR.com.

Also, Glenn wrote a blog post about us: https://glennchan.wordpress.com/2020/05/17/tikr-a-lightweight-cost-effective-financial-data-terminal/

This is truly impressive. Great work !!
The layout is clean with details in a consolidated manner. Looking forward to see the compare feature incorporated. The ‘Track Investing Gurus’ gives us an insight into portfolio allocation which is very interesting from a global perspective.

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We just launched a few new features and enhancements to the platform!

Plot Multiple Companies on Same Valuation Chart: Chart the valuation multiples of a company by navigating to the Valuation tab, clicking on any row(s) in the table, and then the Chart Data button above the table. Use the Add Tickers to Chart functionality, which can be found below the chart, to plot multiple companies on the same valuation chart! We will be adding this functionality to the Financials and Estimates tabs in the near-future

Business Evaluation Mode: Hide all of the stock prices and market data on the platform, so that you can objectively analyze the business as a long-term investor! Go to Account Settings and then click the Business Evaluation Mode toggle under Financial Data Options


We have received a lot of questions about how to invite friends to the platform.

You can find your personal referral link at the top of the “Market News” tab. Please feel free to share this link with your friends and they will be able to easily sign up for TIKR. Thanks for all of the support!