Think twice before posting: Make sure you are adding Value

Continuing the discussion from Kaveri seeds company limited – kscl:

Much as we like to very very liberal about allowing folks to post, everyone needs to get immediately sensitised to what actions from members are respected by the community, what are frowned on, and what may cause automatic suspensions.

We will start addressing these aspects under separate heads, please bear with us till then.



This is being reproduced from the earlier intervention in Kitex …bears repitition

We have been receiving lots of messages from well-meaning members to be stricter in enforcing
a) VP culture - of mutual respect and politeness (no abrasiveness, arrogance, or mockery)
b) Value-additive discussions - disallow repetitive opinions/counters of the same viewpoint unless they point to new facts; and off-topic posts

Moderators have stepped in often, but their well-meaning advise isn’t being respected, it would appear.

Everyone is requested to think twice before posting -
a) Am I adding value to the existing discussion
b) Am I taking the discussion forward by quoting relevant/new information or facts
c) Am I adhering to the VP Culture of always being polite, and respecting other/contrary viewpoints, or am I being self-righteous in wanting to prove a point at any cost, with a couldn’t-care-less attitude

We are a set of ordinary individuals at VP who have been able to raise the bar continuously through extra-ordinary teamwork - by respecting each individuals contribution, always being humble and open to learning from the next guy. We are careful to shun abrasiveness and arrogance, always open to owning up to mistakes made on that front, always trying to be polite (no matter how much we may disagree with the viewpoint expressed (even repetitive)).

We have rarely ever stepped in to actively edit/delete posts at VP, but our hands are now being forced with the surge of new membership - who (we suspect) are yet to assimilate the VP Culture/ethos - and develop that innate sense of belongingness/responsibility to the community - and need more time, and some firm hand-holding smile perhaps!


Totally agree with this. Espcially in Kitex the way, we have devoted so much space and energy on debating ethics of promoters.

I have learned the hard way, that there is no point being a vigil idiot/crusader. Put forward your views once, politely, and then let each person take his call.


Everyone is requested to flag the in-appropriate posts so that moderators gets the notification for any intervention if needed. It is everybody’s duty to keep this forum clean and the quality of the content is maintained.


Nowadays it takes days to find one insightful comment on the boards of my favorite stocks. VP of today is somewhere between VP of yesterdays and moneycontrol message-board. I am positive that we can manage to stop one-sided comments and fights of one upmanship, but how do we make discussions more insightful? Some sort of membership criteria? limited chances to write on board initially, that increase as you start adding more value? …
I think that something regarding boarders needs to be done, if we want to regain the quality. There are too many random blogs on internet, VP was always a cut above.

One cardinal rule i follow, is put the facts, hypothesis and not opinions. People in this group should be then able to distill and take own decision.



There are few ways through which we can moderate the forum or make VP a better place.

  1. Like or These both websites are place to post your queries from engineering field and can get answers from fellow engineers. Now when you are new to the field (such as new investor or new to VP or just a toddler in investing) all you can post new queries (in case of VP new stock opportunities, portfolio etc) and can earn points on the relevance of question (no negative points here) and read the other topics but you cannot rate any answers or post right now. You can also write answers to queries but here it will have both positive and negative points depending upon the contribution made by your answer. These will be done by general public of forum who have little experience in the forum (off course we cannot judge the experience they have in real world), measured by threshold points they have in their account.

In this way:
a. The risk of loosing reputation points will discourage the member to submit inappropriate comments, stocks etc
b.The accumulation of points will serve as an appreciation from fellow investors and as a representative of their progress as an investor.

  1. Like This is again a public forum just like us but made for & by automobile enthusiasts. The way this works is that to became a member you need to fill up a questionnaire. These questionnaire is nothing sort of technical about automobile but solely talk about you and purpose to join the group and how will you contribute the forum. The answers are checked by the moderators and is granted membership based on the replies to this answer. If moderator feel unsatisfied with the answers they will mark it and will ask you to elaborate it or rephrase it.

Now let say you are denied membership from the forum, still you can read all the topics.

Also in teambhp has a rule about the comments or the post which is submitted into a forum like It cannot be one liner etc. (sorry don’t have complete list right now)

In this way

a. Moderators can control the quality of members of the forum. This control will decrease the possibility of unhealthy comments and self promoting guys. (I assure you filling that questionnaire is quite a pain in itself, but rewards are worth)