The nature of excellence:- the importance of mastering the mundane why more practice wont make you betterr

I came across this excellent paper on excellence:

I found it when I went to to check Paul Lountiz interview on scuttlebutt approach.

Do read the original paper at

Worth a read by all.

After reading this we may now hesitate to say that some one is good investor. We should rather say some one is different kind (in some qualitative way) of investor. His theory of different worlds (rather than straight vertical ladder) in competitive swimming was very insightful. Also his advice that doing more of same will not make some one better.


I read this article (last link) with 3 passions of my life in mind, where I am striving for excellence (investing is one of them) and felt like reading 3 papers in parallel. Equally useful for all 3 areas. Excellent read.

Great Find !

Many Thanks