The Anti-Portfolio

Congratulations once again @vikas_sinha

I think you played a master stroke with the financials….a perfect outsized calculative bet at opportune time….when all your past experience & confidence was put behind an equally bold decision.

I must admit that I noticed this long back when you had been updating your portfolio updates and always used to think of huge risk that you were taking….

Well some people think of risks while others, who know exactly what they are doing, focus on the rewards!

Out of all the people whose threads I read and who post updates here, I think you played the largest and longest sectoral rotation momentum bet ….in fact it seemed to be a dream mix of Value and Momentum.

Lots to learn here from clear headed folks like you…Cheers!


Hi Vikas ji, do you track Krishca Strapping?

Not really, but did check the thread here on value pickr after your post. A lot of disbelief about a rank outsider enjoying phenomenal success. Hence, not really interested, still under consideration though.

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Latest folio status:
Struggling to maintain 30% cagr, though seems in consolidation phase with limited downside, so future in a quarter or two should be better :grinning:

Current folio: (sorted by “% of Total”, simplest is to focus only on the “Current return %” since the others include the historical trades since 2017, as computed by value-research folio service, best would be to focus on “Return % pa”, since time is of the essence)

Company name Last price Cost per share % of Total Return % pa Current return % Total return %
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd. 553 124 18.7 148 346 345
KPI Green Energy Ltd. 1057 442 11.2 113 139 140
RBL Bank Ltd. 240 110 9.4 70 118 119
Kilpest India Ltd. 727 366 9.0 55 99 99
Ugro Capital Ltd. 283 184 8.9 33 54 46
Redtape Ltd. 476 156 8.2 8665 205 205
Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Ltd. 473 191 6.9 221 148 149
Gujarat Themis Biosyn Ltd. 181 122 6.0 51 48 57
Arman Financial Services Ltd. 2137 2239 5.5 -20 -5 -5
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. 1199 807 4.5 87 49 49
Phantom Digital Effects Ltd. 393 489 4.4 -79 -20 -20
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd. 531 195 4.1 68 172 178
Best Agrolife Ltd. 936 1266 3.1 -42 -26 -29
Total Stocks 100 29.2 148

Sold off Diamines and distributed the amount roughly equally in all 3 lossy holdings, Arman, Phantom and best agro, in that order. Total 13 holdings.

A small periodic withdrawal made recently. About half of expenses have been covered by dividends in this FY, helped by 8% pre-tax yield from ujjivan.

Past year graph: (courtesy zerodha)

Currently 2% below ATH.

Maybe a good mutual fund is good enough since I am not that interested in trading/investing.

Diamines was sold off because it’s not growing fast enough and management disclosure is limited to a too humorous AGM interaction.

Overall Mixed bag of quarterly results which has prolonged waiting in some holdings and muted recent :chart_with_upwards_trend: though still very much on :dart:

PS: moved family FDs to IDFCF bank, ujjivan and equitas equally to spread risk and lock in peak rate. Delighted by ujjivan experience, never seen better.


Hi Vikas, any changes in your views on Gujarat Themis Biosyn & Shivalik Bimetal after their not so good quarterly results…

Yes valuation is expensive and time is stretched hence some change in views. Still planning on holding but have been reducing allocation by selective selling for occasional liquidity needs.

In my view and detailed assessment, both are still undervalued. Betting heavily on both of them with a long term view.


Hi Vikas, Congrats!! Having 30% CAGR even during these tumultuous times is simply amazing!

Pls help me understand how do you manage risk? both protecting the upside and limiting the downside.
Are you completely a fundamental investor or also include TA in your buy/sell decisions?

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Thanks! I don’t think it’s been that difficult, post corona bull run helped a lot, especially sticking to small cap worked wonders :slightly_smiling_face: Though indeed cagr includes the worst slump in small caps in 2018-19. Thankfully 30% capital was deployed as it was ending, but again just before March 2020 disaster :sob: Tumultuous times truly!

Mostly value pickr folks have helped a lot. First thing to have good sleep and enjoy decent returns is to invest some effort in trying to understand better the stock story. It’s the conviction after all which helps manage risk as well as returns.

Explosion of social media adds to the exposure of ideas, knowledge and opinions. Rarely I run screens since it requires some digging into.

I am mostly a fundamental guy, sometimes technical signal are very visible too which helps, but I don’t think have used it for selling.

It’s simply the upside margin you have, in your opinion, from the current price to fair value, which if large enough is good for entry and if not comfortable then booking out. Considering that the time limit, again in your considered opinion, for closing such gaps favour your cagr targets.


Hi vikas you doing gr8 job , i also invest in microcaps, keep 10 to 12 companies with me.

Only getting confused about MK Exim @106.5 share , after recent quarterly results. Can u pls give ur views on this conpany. My but price is 112.6 rs . Thankyou


Hi Sandy, thanks! I don’t have much of an opinion, there are 2-3 business areas they operate in, remember having invested before (for hardly one quarter). Results are on very good uptrend so you can maybe keep holding. I didn’t find conviction to make big enough holding, since it was also highly valued then.

Disclaimer : Am not an sebi analyst/advisor, this is not a stock recommendation

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Ok thanks a lot vikas bro , this is very helpful.

Hi Vikas, What’s your view on MK EXIM?

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Hi vikas

What is your view on Roto Pumps


Additionally, if mittal family is holding that means it may not be that bad. They seem to have a good product for distribution in personal grooming market, which should grow with discretionary spending.

Disclaimer : Am not an sebi analyst/advisor, this is not a stock recommendation

Solid company, good for long term. India seems to have good engineering export, growing faster with Europe+1 and China+1 theme. Had invested about 2 years ago invested but the raging bull market made me itching for quick exit. :pensive:

Disclaimer : Am not an sebi analyst/advisor, this is not a stock recommendation

Hi Vikash bhai…Given RBI tightening for unsecured loans and credit do you think RBL which is infamous for its malpractises for issuing credit card and personal loans, Do you still see some value left at p/b of 1 or am i missing something?

Do you still hold Caplin Point.Just wondering why are the valuations still reasonable in spite of good fundamentals.

Hi @siyaram7, there will be some pressure but still cheaper than most banks. Ultimately, RBI action will end up raising rates for consumer lending, which can reduce demand. The thesis rests on changing market views, which you have explained, over time with consistent results/news.

Disclaimer : Am not an sebi analyst/advisor, this is not a stock recommendation.

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Yes, my thesis rests on Caplin steriles expected growth in US, this trigger amongst other expansion plans has not taken place yet. Missed topping up on the position recently actually. :thinking:

Disclaimer : Am not an sebi analyst/advisor, this is not a stock recommendation.