The Anti-Portfolio

Congratulations once again @vikas_sinha

I think you played a master stroke with the financials….a perfect outsized calculative bet at opportune time….when all your past experience & confidence was put behind an equally bold decision.

I must admit that I noticed this long back when you had been updating your portfolio updates and always used to think of huge risk that you were taking….

Well some people think of risks while others, who know exactly what they are doing, focus on the rewards!

Out of all the people whose threads I read and who post updates here, I think you played the largest and longest sectoral rotation momentum bet ….in fact it seemed to be a dream mix of Value and Momentum.

Lots to learn here from clear headed folks like you…Cheers!


Hi Vikas ji, do you track Krishca Strapping?

Not really, but did check the thread here on value pickr after your post. A lot of disbelief about a rank outsider enjoying phenomenal success. Hence, not really interested, still under consideration though.