Techno funda bets

I am a technical analyst at heart but also looking at lot of value investment ideas.

Would like views on following stocks from members.

Tide Water Oil - A nice debt free company

Aarti Inds – Management getting hands on

AK Capital and Money Matters - Debt market leaders

Zodiac Clothing - i love those shirts.

Godrej Inds and Ab Nuvo - Good Holding companies

Empire Inds and NESCO ---- Best lease rental models.

Mukesh Babu Financial Services - Can it be a 10 bagger with 60 cr worth of equity and convertible debentures at current market cap of 25 cr

Thirumalai Chemicals – Anti dumping duty . Last two quarters pat is 25 cr

Philips Carbon Blac - again anti dumping duty

PNB gilts - Gsec yields

Forbes and Company – Aquaguard - This is a favorite

Rallis India and United Phosphorous — Best agriculture plays

Nilkamal Plastics and Kisan Mouldings

I track a lot of stocks so my list is generally huge. Will be adding to the list here. Would like to get discussions on above stocks.



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Hi Nooresh,

Good to see you here. Look forward to an active participation from you :slight_smile:




Hi Nooresh,

I am a subscriber to your newsletters too. Why don’t you have a look at Nirlon which is also a like Nesco.

The trading band of this stock is 39 to 62. I have bought and sold in the recent past and currently hold shares at 41.65. A sure shot winner always.

Hi Tony / Nooresh, Can you please help me with the chart of wockhardt. Looks like a flag pattern? Thanks in advance

Hi Nooresh,

I am a subscriber to your newsletters too. Why don’t you have a look at Nirlon which is also a like Nesco.

The trading band of this stock is 39 to 62. I have bought and sold in the recent past and currently hold shares at 41.65. A sure shot winner always.


Here is my analysis of Wockhardt:

Wockhardt Point and Figure Charts, Stock Research NSE BSE

One can see that the long time trend is good for the stock, however in the short term the stock has given a sell signal. “O” represents sellers and “X” represents buyers. There are more sellers then buyers and hence the stock is in the O column. The stock made a double bottom at 1600 and moved further down which gives a sell signal. Now the stock has support at 1400 where there was a double top ( represented by double X) which will act as a support. Till the stock moves into the X column the stock can go down to the support of 1400. The stock has to now move to 1750 to give a buy signal where it will once again make a double top at 1800 and thereafter make a new high. So keep a watch till the column changes from O to X.

Any views on Balaji Tele

Huge amount of cash but similarly huge amount of contingent liabilities ( no change here seems will be solved)

Balaji Motion Pictures a subsidiary has started doing better.

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not sure if this is the right thread to discuss general technical based trading ideas or not but here it goes. Short nifty at CMP and any high toward 8000-8030 for a target of 7800. One could use a 7900 put for this. Valid for the present contract.

Dear Administrator,

Though myself is a seasoned TA and I trade in nifty with good accuracy, refrained from posting anything on Technical in this beautiful forum where stress is on business and not even on financial numbers. Due to this forum, I have discovered beautiful businesses. my honest opinion is to discourage these kind of posts. There is nothing like Techno Funda. Everything is derived out of business which leads to fundamentals. Technical is something where yu take advantage of the price movements. All the companies mentioned is not even worth a look compared to quality companies discussed in this forum.

Please ignore/delete this post if I have said something wrong.

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@sethufan If you see the initial post, I don’t think Nooresh put any stock tips. He is seeking inputs on some stocks that he has identified looked at. Ideally, we should NOT focus on trading & tips. Any discussion focussed on long term investment should be welcome.

Thanks for vigilance. Please continue to keep a close eye on all threads for the quality of content. It is people like you who make the platform what it is.


I think @nooreshtech has had a good record of combining technicals to good companies. It would be great if he can become active again and contribute here :smile:


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Hi Sethufan,

TA gives early indication of unfolding movie.

eg, i bought Vaibhav gems (now global) @ 48 june 2nd week, anuh pharma @ 145 feb 2014, etc.

if you see TTK Prest, 16 years it hasnt given much return, but after 2009 breakout it has give massive return (this again due to re-rating, cc cycle reduction, working capital improvement, aggressive mktng etc).

so every TA pattern has something in built changes in funda.

I do combine TA+FUNDA, combining both gives some edge.


Dear Sethufan ,

You cannot Ignore the power of techno funda combination , if you are really good at technicals and have basic knowledge of fundamentals . I have 4 yrs experience in Indian equities . Since day one i have followed the Techno funda method . I was successful in selecting stocks like Krbl CCL product , cox and king ever ready , Hitachi etc .

I will suggest you to read "Invest with success " by Dr. schaap . It will help you to gain confidence on techno funda picks .

disclosure :- I may be holding the above mentioned stock .

Just curious to read your disclosure statement. You “may” be holding? Aren’t you sure? :smile:


It would make more sense for guys to put their buys in real time putting in some sort of logic as to why they bought the particular scrip based on technicals. . And if possible posting charts with some logic of the techno bet should provide interesting insights.

It should not be viewed as a recommendation but could be used to verify the hypothesis at a later date.

And everyone has the right to be wrong and there should not be any element of ridicule about that. All these things should be meant to enhance knowledge.

I was just glancing thru Anthony Bolton’s (one of UK’s most successful long term fund managers who created enormous wealth for shareholders of Fidelity Special Situations fund in UK) book THE ANATOMY OF WINNERS and there he specifically mentions that he used to follow charts to follow price actions of stocks which he bought. So there’s nothing wrong if technicals can help a bit in entry or exits or as an idea generator.


From my 3 years of experience in investing I found 50 200 day ema combination a very successful tool. When ever 50 day ema crosses 200 ema if you see charts of companies most of the time it will give good results. I have been benefited from this strategy.
I do believe that technical patterns are formed as byproduct of fundamentals progression of companies.

Unfortunately Tony does not post anymore but his thread is a great resource to learn about technicals -

@ basumallicl sir i cannot mention i still say i may be holding :blush:

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@hitesh2710 can you please give an idea of a good charting resource on the web or some tool that can be downloaded. Basically i would want to create and plot trend lines, support resistances and possibly patterns. I use something that i built myself, but would like to have a more professional tool. Any indicators ? Thanks.

I know you asked Hitesh, but I’ll like to point you to in case you like candlestick/PnF charts. They have other technical indicators too