Tata Consumer Products Limited (TATACONSUM)


Second Reserve store will be in CP, New Delhi

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The company has launched the new product Fruski Juice N Jelly drink in three flavours — Kala Khatta, Mixed Fruit Chaat, and Lemon Pudina and plans to initially test market it in Kolkata, Mumbai and Goa ahead of the peak summer season next year. The product has been priced at Rs. 20 for a 200 ml pack.
“The ready-to-drink market in India is significantly under-penetrated. The segment is mostly dominated by unbranded juices and ethnic drinks. We see huge potential in this segment and seek to play the juices and ethnic beverages space with Tata Fruski as a brand,” added Grover.


Management of Bisleri confirms it is looking at selling part stake & the Tatas are in the fray


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Opportunities for TATA Consumer for scaling up growth explained What Tata Consumer's potential Bisleri acquisition could mean for the stock | Mint

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So many good moves - Consolidation, new partnerships, Bisleri etc…Am not able to understand why the market is not rewarding or re-rating for the past 1-1.5 yrs. Stock is just hovering in a small band?

Invested after the big consolidation and forms small part of my portfolio. My “assumption” was that this will move towards becoming an FMCG brand and so big growth potential. Comparing to HUL, Dabur , the ROE, ROCE, and OPM are low in TCPL. although profit growth 3,5,1 year is high.

Am sure, I am missing something - Not sure what ?.. Is the market not rewarding due to low ROE, ROCE and OPM?

Please share insights if any.

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It is already trading at 60+ PE. Also a large part of cereals/pulses/tea/salt are low value addition and commoditized products(procure + pack & brand). So it does not measure up to blue blooded FMCG companies like HUL.


Anyone can guess proposed fundamental valuations after merging of Tata Coffee ???

Hi Riken

As per my understanding, Tata Coffee is already part of the consolidated results of Tata Consumer, so there should not be any direct valuation impact from the merger (apologies if this was not the question). However, the management has talked about elimination of certain costs as part of the merger (primarily legal and tax) that are likely to benefit the consolidated results. I have not seen any numbers quantifying this - so have not modified my valuations for the time being

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I guess patience.
I am invested in this Business since Feb 2018 and increased allocation in different level of down trend. It is true this stock is in sideways movement for quite sometime,but great business shows such consolidation phase; we have many examples.
Disc : this is not to troll or offend anybody. Personally I am not worried with this stock and closely watching.


AFAIK, even HUL does the same thing.
Package and market to build a brand.

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I do see/read the moves/attempts by management, was just getting a bit impatient I guess. Thanks for the right note.


Tata consumer is standing out with highest sales and profit CAGR


Apology if it’s irrelevant, just wanted to understand couple of things.
I recently visited Tata Star supermarket and i was surprised to see they have 3 product lines by the brand name of Fabsta, Skye, Klia and all are mentioned Tata product and some of the products are directly competing for shelf space with TCPL. I see Fabsta has some tea products as well.
My question is, why these are not under Tata consumer? Why group has 2 similar brands?


Probably this was launched by retail arm as inhouse brand.

Tata group is so big/diverse that there will be overlaps. e.g. TimeVallée, a luxury multi-brand boutique of watches and jewellery was launched in India by TataCliq and not Titan. Probable reason may be that they wanted to launch online and TataCliq has the platform and also Titan is direct competitor.


These are white labels rather than brands. I have used some these white label products, some are good other are junk.


Q4 results

The consolidated revenue from operations during the fourth quarter rose by 14 per cent to ₹3,619 crore, as compared to ₹3,175 crore in the year-ago period.

The board has recommended a final dividend of ₹8.45 per equity share of ₹1 each (845%), for the financial year 2022-23, said Tata Consumer.

The revenue growth was mainly driven by underlying growth of 15% in India business, 6% in international business and 9% in non-branded business.

For the quarter, the India packaged beverages business delivered 1% revenue growth and 3% volume growth, recording a sequential recovery. The India foods business delivered 26% revenue growth and 8% volume growth, bringing to close a strong year for the foods business when revenue grew 26%.

Coffee continued its strong performance with a revenue growth of 31% YoY.

In FY23, the modern trade channel grew 21%, contributing to 14% of India business sales, said Tata Consumers. The e-commerce channel grew 32%, contributing to 9% of India business sales. Nearly, 10% of E-commerce revenue came from NPD (New Product Development) during the year.

Tata Starbucks recorded strong revenue growth of 48% for the quarter, bringing FY23 growth to 71%, albeit on a base that was impacted by the pandemic.

Tata Starbucks has opened 71 new stores during the year, the highest ever annual store addition and entered 15 new cities-. The total number of stores stands at 333 across 41 cities.

Tata Sampann continued its strong trajectory in Q4, recording double digit revenue growth for the quarter and also for the year, it added. The growth was led by broad based performance across categories.

Tata Consumer said NourishCo had a landmark FY23, hitting ₹621 crore in net revenue, up 80 percent led by broad based performance across products and geographies.

Results seem to be on track but no surprises here. The growth is slow despite small base size. It feels like management has created too much mess of brands and now finding it hard to grow.

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