Stock Anaysis Tool


I had developed this tool for my stock selection, just wanted Value Pickers members to advise,

would be looking forward to advice from experienced members
the explanations are
P= means that it has passed the test, like Amara Raja company started by it is P in that columnsanalysis-sheet060915.xlsx (14.1 KB)
F means it fails that test like, Kaveri seeds is F in cyclical columns as it is a company whose performance is cyclical.
The idea is more P means there are more chances of that company giving good returns in the long term.
will eagerly wait for suggestions of experienced members as I am very new to stock investing and have just started
the companies appearing are either where I have invested or I am closely monitoring

This tool is very basic, rudimentary and qualitative tool only. Giving only ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ to each parameter is not going to give a crisper and clearer picture. How parameters like ‘Company started by promoters’ and ‘dent on promoters’ (just to take an example) would be defined and a pass/fail criteria would be applied. Better would be to list a set of criteria into three parts : 1. Quality of earning (profitability analysis); 2. Quality of Balance Sheet (leveraging, use of assets, etc.) and 3. Type of industry.
These three broad parameters with some sub parameters would give you a very detailed analysis for a stock.