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CMP 226

It is currently in Vth wave of the larger wave 3.

Vth waves happen to be tricky because they can turncate too i.e. many a times they may not be able to achieve the targets.
Our entry point was at 181 and we entered with an expectation of 40-50% returns only

( Generally we only choose those stocks where we find some chance of getting a multibagger ie something that can become 3 or 4 X in 5 years time…but in current market , it is becoming difficult to such stocks as valuations are really becoming challenging)

Weekly Chart

Disclaimer : This post is just for learning few methods of price-patterns. Views are personal and are purely based on our limited knowledge of charts. No buy/sell recommendations. These are probability-study methods and chances of success/failure depend upon various factors

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South Indian Bank
CMP 23.30
It also seems to be in V th wave -the wave that started from the Covid lows.
The stoock has already become 5 X in this wave ( from March 2020) , hence we’re keeping only moderate expectaions wrt returns in next 1 -2 year.
Weekly Chart

Disclaimer : This post is just for learning few methods of price-patterns. Views are personal and are purely based on our limited knowledge of charts. No buy/sell recommendations. These are probability-study methods and chances of success/failure depend upon various factors

Portfolio Update

Added following during last 2 weeks
South India Bank
Dynemic Products
Honda Power

Removed : Swaraj Engine,KPIL

No buy sell recommendation. We can exit any of our stock anytime and may not be able to update here.


Dear Readers,

In last few days ,we have seen several scams where innocent people (especially youngsters) are being tricked into playing options by some people on social media - lots of Face2Face videos , fake P & Ls , Quick-Rich-Scheme ideas can be found everywhere.

Big brokerage companies are pushing this trend (as they make huge money out of it ) as well as some other genuine-sounding people are building their own businesses around this risky part of the market by enticing people by conveying that it is too easy.

Options trade has grown in a huge manner in last 3-4 years due this push.

Sad part is that SEBI has come out with the data that 89% of the option traders loose money.One can read so many tragic stories about the people who have been devastated by options .

Keep in mind that these companies, these trainers are not your friends - they’re there to make money . This raises a genuine question: If these trainers are so smart that can mint crores by options-trading, then why they’re selling courses and other products related to this r?

Now with the scams coming out ,whole fin-social -media is now being looked upon with suspicion .

Looking at this scenario, our sir has asked us to opt-out of social -media as we don’t want to be doubted or counted among these scamsters though we’ve never talked about options anywhere.

He also joked with us that social-media is addictive :rofl:and the team wastes lot of time here , the time that can be used to go more deep in fundamantal and technical analysis.

We don’t want to sell any services . We believe that if you’re good enough you can create wealth by yourself by investing itself and not by selling services.

On this platform , our plan was to spread knowledge about the charts .

But off-late , we have realised that people don’t want to learn by themselves.They just want stock-tips and get their charts analysed by us.
That goes very much against our original efforts of spreading different aspects of technical analysis.

We have already put lot of study-material ( with examples ) on this thread . If someone is really serious ,please give some serious time. This may help you to improve your investment journey.

For youngsters , just a word of caution if you want to jump in the world of options !

Keep in consideration that in options ,there are two key factors .

  1. Your Thesis i.e. whther price should go up or down. This can be on the basis of fundamental -studies or based on certain technical -analysis.

  2. Time Time is an important element in options . Price of a certain option can fluctuate to extremes in the matter of minutes.

This 2nd factor causes lot of damage to most of the people. Even if the thesis is correct but it does not play out with in a stipulated period, you would loose money.

Hence be cautious.Based on our multi-years experience , we would suggest that please stay out of options unless you have spent years in learning the technicals as well as have a right aptitude for this kind product.

Final word :From now onwards , our team won’t be active on this thread or anywhere on social -media.

At the same time , would like to say that here are many genuine people also on social media who are out there to help others . But be very careful in following/paying to anyone who promises quick-rich-schemes and strategies to you.


@StageInvesting - Hi, Any updated views on Gabriel India? Would appreciate it

@StageInvesting - Hi, Is this still in your watchlist? It posted good numbers in the last quarter and also recently bagged an Optical Fiber Project in the US after announcing its partnership with American broadband services provider TruVista.


@StageInvesting - Hi. Please share your updated views on Greenpanel Industries if any. Thank you

He has already said that he wont be active on this thread



Just posting it as we felt that it is our duty to make our readers aware of our current position wrt markets.

We anlaysed several charts on this weeked .

Seems that we have completed one leg of upmove in mid/small caps , that started in March .

Need to be cautious for next 3-6 weeks if someone is making fresh positions.

It is not that nothing would go up …but the probability of upmoves has become lesser.

If in March to August - 8 out of 10 set-ups were working, in next few weeks this might be opposite.

We might see certain climax moves ( Tops being formed for a reasonable period) in certain stocks.

Overall we remain in a bull market but currently we might go through a price as well as time correction in the on-going rally.

In this kind of market,we take fewer bets even if the set-ups fits all our criteria and we tend to decrease the size of the postions


Thank you !
Your discussion has been beneficial for newcomers like me.
Please let the comments coming
Let us know when you think it’s time to run and hide ?

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Liked your Elliott waves, it’s very good for learning. Most of the stocks must be in wave V now !

Please include me into the Zoom invite. I would like to enhance my knowledge into stock market and chart analysis.
Please let us know the date and time in advance so that we can plan accordingly.thanks

How to identify early… the stage 2 part? What are the early signs? TIA

in technical analysis term -

you look for long consolidation (price range bound) & then it breaks out. For eg in Lauras- 4 years of consolidation & then price breaks out.

is there any screener or way to identify stocks which are in consolidation phase?
and if someone wants to take a trade for next day for any stock. what all things one needs to look for?


Stocks coming out from longterm consolidation is for larger timeframe investing. Only way i screen is weekly all the nse charts. I donot have any screener or you can say i don’t like to have one! I visually like to see price & volume action developing then check the fundamentals. At present - some of the chemical names are in consolidation mode. Best is to keep them in your watchlist, study fundamentals (few are doing big capex) and buy tracking quantity when they are the support. This is what i try to do!

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nse500 stocks charts? weekly?

Hi @Kuber_Chauhan

Best way to identify Stage 2 is to apply the 8 criterion of Mark Minervini

  1. Current stock price is above both 150-day and 200-day moving average price lines.
  2. 150-day moving average is above the 200-day moving average.
  3. 200-day moving average line is trending up for at least 1 month
  4. The 50-day moving average is above both the 150-day and 200-day moving averages
  5. Current stock price is trading above the 50-day moving average.
  6. Current stock price is at least 25% above its 52-week low.
  7. Current stock price is within at least 25% of its 52-week high
  8. Relative Strength ranking (RS ranking) is no less than 70.

There are ready made indicators on both Chartlink and TradingView for Minervini criteria.



As of now, certain sectors ( e.g, realty, auto ) have started showing the movement of next leg.


Again it is time that if you are in the right sector, the price of the stock would go up.

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