South Indian Bank

For raising the capital, yes the shares are sold at a price of 8.48 / share to the insurance companies…

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The positive changes what I have observed is the bank is in the process of image building. With the induction of Salim Gangadharan (ex-RBI) as the Chairman and Murali Ramakrishnan (ex-ICICI Bank) as the MD, one can except the bank in next 5 years will be a turn around story.


Hi everyone, I wanted to know what are your thoughts on South Indian Bank currently? I am looking for High Risk and Reward stocks in the BFSI space

Any due diligence will be helpful!

Market cap of 2100 cr. : it’s cost for banking license only.

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Slowly but surely !


Indeed a good quarter !

Slowly moving…Very slowly.
1.Better rated corporates exposure improves replacing lower rated ones
2.CRAR improvement every quater
3. Slight improvement in CASA,GNPA,NNPA


  1. Advance / deposit growth well below better managed large private banks
  2. Advance growth mostly driven by corporate and gold loan