Solara Active Pharma Sciences - Pure Play API

Mismanagement, poor allocation, confused strategy- the promoter group has become a joke. Aurore was part of the investment thesis for a diversified Api co- now it’s back to a commodity only. Group debt is at alarming levels, more than the combined market cap of listed companies.


What co-relation does this news opinion video has with Solara? The article is also very generic and do not point to anything distinct.

New CRISIL report about Solara May11 2022

Ratings downgraded to 'CRISIL BBB+/Negative/CRISIL A2 from ‘Watch Developing’

A good detailed report about current distressed state of Solara.


Agree , they have indeed picked up pain points. Sales needs to stabilize , Under absorption of overheads at Vizaj needs to be fixed (need FDA validation as well), New Product Pipe line to absorb annual R&D costs (this happed only once in history of Solara i.e. 2021-2022 , they couldn’t do it ) , Raw material costs needs to fall in (if not consider partial price increase , depends on customer contracts) , working capital needs to be reduce … All these will take lot of hard work and focused approach… Execution is the key. Lets wait for next 3 to 4 Qtrs… FY 2022-23 is a turnaround year… even if they completed 60% of what they have planned it will be good… till that time dont look at Stock price. it was almost available at BV yesterday…

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