SmallCap Hunter : Trying to find the dark horses with triggers

i think schneider electric manufactures busbars


Apar Industries manufactures busbars, as mentioned in their Q2FY23 conference call.


any one having idea about agstra ? How is it Performing?

Micron is one of top client of Rox Hi-tech.

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What is happening around smallcap space ?
has great indian smallcap sale started already ?
or is it a shakeup ?

Does government mandate of reducing exposure to mid and small caps have any bearing on this sell-off?

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I am expecting this yo yo till elections. Lots of sectors clarity will come post election and full budget presentation. Till then, up and down will happen every week.
Keep re-visiting your portfolio. Everyone’s portfolio is seeing correction. No one is alone.


With respect to smallcaps…There are 2 scenarios which comes to my not so intelligent brain !! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
1.There was a bubble and it needed to burst …thats what happening now.
2.There is a bubble which needed to burst so that it can get bigger.
While its very difficult to look at the names getting beaten everyday and pf going -2%/day, I would like to think that the latter is playing out.! :melting_face:

Edit:3.20pm, it feels like my PF is going to die today itself. :grin:


The sell off in March month is quite common and one can see this pattern in 2020 to 2023. Every time this happens and market bounce back from april.

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We actually need a good correction then it feels normal


It definitely has. Retailers are spooked and so are MFs. But I feel MFs will enter again at lower price.


do you mean 17 days of further correction?

I beg to differ with some recent views posted here. Correction in market is a natural process and we don’t need any lectures like, it is March. But what is presently going on in the market is simply butchering. If more than thousand companies are in LC, it is not normal. Of course, it was on the radar, with SME IPOs getting oversubscribed more than 1000 times and doing out 3-4 lac lotteries to few thousand lucky investors. But excess of anything is bad. In my opinion this sell off has more negatives than positives and retail investors are worse off. And mind you, this sell off may unearth more scams, which will be a death Nell for the market.


Are you going to hang in there or exit.

P.S : Very few small caps in my PF. All were slaughtered.

P.S 2: Even the Large Caps in my PF were slaughtered. Hammered at both ends of the bell curve. NO protection only destruction.


I can precisely guage the market. :grin: > Mr.Market is The Hero of all the TAKEN movies. (i know know taken1,taken2,taken3, but if more such movies come out He will be the only Hero)

He is like “I dont know and i dont care where you are hiding you money.micro,small,mid, large or XL. I will find you and take it from you” :rofl:

I was able get out of couple of PSU before this carnage started but that was tiny part of PF…but i kept buying (i think ive buying philia which i would like to improve someday)…lets see.

I remain 100% invested in equity, Since i am sure my fulltime job will keep me afloat in any market condition.May be i remain invested because of my shorter experience in market( may be ignorance is bliss…lets see)… So i am still hanging in there, being philosophical " kya leke ayethe…sab market me hi rahega…vagere vagere" :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Sure, Just having a light moment. Did not buy or sell anything. Waiting for storm to pass either side to make next move.

The move is just begun. Next few months will be a roller coaster with downside bias. Clarity should emerge after elections.

One thing to note. What has moved previously will not move with same speed again. Market always focusses on new sectors.


I couldnt agree more.For sure What has moved will not move with same speed, except extra ordinary names if we can find.

I am trying to track Telecom, Ports and hydrogen, where i think there is some movement…lets see.

I am bit sceptic on pure Solar EPCs…i dont hold any.

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Small Cap stocks bounce back ! PSU small and mid cap stocks are back in to action ! Are retail investors right ?

Possibility of a head and shoulder breakdown in small cap index. Right shoulder is still in the formation stage. Let’s see how it pans out in coming weeks.


@avneesh Thanks avneesh.
This is interesting, hopefully we get some clarity in weeks or so. Possibly in April, once the “usual march fall” theory is settled ?