Skipper Ltd., (Power and Water) a moat in making?

Don’t submit 2 instead cancel the application and resubmit it .

SBI ASBA allows for editing existing application…

How do you block the skipper re shares? Dont see anything on my bank portal I think

Check the Rights tab under ASBA, you should see Skipper Ltd there

Yes I see it, like I can apply for rights issue, mention my demat etc but dont think I see an option to block the re shares in my account. Does that happen automatically?

I am unable to read any of the last 2 or 3 news-paper publication uploaded by the Skipper on BSE/NSE websites, the english paper Ad The Picture quality of the English Paper Advertisement is very poor, any of you feel the same or something wrong with my downloading the copy or reading ?

@bully query

RE still in Demat and ASBA done via bank.

Got an email today from the broker that REs will disappear Monday EOD. That is normal, right?

We don’t have to ‘sell’ these RE’s right?

It won’t be visible for trading post 5 Feb…however that will be avl in your console till 08 Feb ie last date for applying for RIghts Issue. Those who don’t want to apply for RI to sell the same. Hope you have applied…


Here is what the mail from ZERODHA says

These RE’s will be temporarily traded on the stock exchanges and will then be extinguished. You can either use the RE’s to apply for the rights shares of the company or you can sell them in the market.

So basically if you are applying then please do not execute any sale transaction. Hope that adds little more clarity.

Such a lackluster result .Feel bad for not lightening up after the remarkable run.

One of the most bullish slides of Q3 I have seen this time-

And not to forget this-

Good Q3. Unfortunately stock valuation is still on the higher side. Reduction in debt from the rights issue will get the interest rate down from next Q.

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Any idea where we can check the right issue allotment status?

SKIPPER-RE-BE show in Console. However, nothing has been called for as yet - no intimation from the bank.

Anyone else have updates?


RE has been allotted. Funds debited from my bank.


Somehow I see my funds are still blocked by bank and no update on RE allocation.

737cr order

Boom :boom:

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