Sintercom India Ltd (NSE Emerge Platform)

H2 &FY20



The Sintercom discussion seems to have gone quiet for sometime. However, multiple positive developments for the company.

  1. Recently, they raised 222 million from MIBA. The latter now has 26% stake in Sintercom.
  2. Around 90 million of funds will be allocated towards new machinery. Capacity expansion.
  3. The company is developing sintered components for electric vehicles.
  4. The company has seen orders from non-automobile industries. Including oil and gas.
  5. Further industry diversification on the cards.

A lot of stocks have run-up in the last few months. In the mid-cap and small-cap space. Sintercom seems to be in a accumulation zone. Possibly a good time a consider exposure.

Disclosure: I am invested.


I have been following and tracking this company for some time. Never invested as the company hasn’t delivered on sales growth as well as profitability. I am also intrigued that the stock price hasn’t fallen in these years. Does anyone have a view on why they will start growing and what’s the growth potential here? And why they haven’t grown till now?