Shodh - Stock research platform with niche data

Hi Everyone Jay here

I have made Shodh - Shodh.Arthavruksha.Co.In which has features like CAPEX Tracker where you can discover Information of CAPEX’s by different companies. Each CAPEX on the discover page has 5 Elements to it which tells you about - Topic/Headline/Purpose , Value/Amount , Date/Time, Type, Location associated with the CAPEX. You can also save the CAPEX via clicking the like icon and also add the company to your watchlist via clicking Plus icon

You can also see sector wise CAPEX Information in the sector Page of Shodh. You can search for different sectors and see all the CAPEXs which Shodh has in its database

Another feature on Shodh is its Corporate Announcements Page. Where you can add multiple filters like - Type of announcements , Search through title of announcements , filter them through their date & Also filter them via companies . You can try 16 permutation & combination with these filters. You can see save these announcements via liking it and also add company to your watchlist via clicking on plus icon.
Corporate Announcements

You can also get your personal feed on the personal feed page for announcements based on companies in your watchlist . You can add/remove companies from your watchlist on the watchlist page

This is how the Personal feed page looks like - Feed

Also have recently added notifcations feature to Shodh so that u guys can also get notifcations over important corporate announcemnts of companies in your watchlist

Do Provide your advice & feedback over Shodh. Thanks for reading this till end


Another Update -

Have also successfully tested OpenAI’s GPT-3 Model for effective CAPEX Data collection

Will implement this in Shodh live very soon . Achieved pretty great results with this Model

So around 80% to 90% of Shodh’s CAPEX data collection will get automated

Another thing i am closely working on is improving the UI of the site

Once Open AI Model is running live on Site will change the whole current UI of Shodh

Thanks for reading this small post sharing updates

Site Link -


Have successfully tested Open AI’s GPT-3 Model on Today’s announcements for CAPEX data collection And it got around 70% of Data right

Huge day for me ! Within 1 Month of Launch around 80% to 90% of Shodhs CAPEX data collection is automated

Here’s how the Output of the Data Looks like


I like your website a lot and congratulations !!
Just a quick check, I dont see Textile Sector, any specific reason

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Okay, Will add it sir . Thanks for informing me sir

@Jay_shankarpure your work is well appreciated and really I liked your website its soo informative and also its very easy for newbies of equites to search and understand the CAPEX stuff.
Kudos to your work :+1:

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Done have added Textiles Sector to database sir

Your words means a lot to me sir :pray:

Thanks for showering love on Shodh. Also working on adding price charts feature on each companys page

Hopefully will get the historical data APIs for this feature :crossed_fingers:

Introducing “Export to Excel” Feature in Shodh’s Announcement Page -

You guys can now add your custom filters and make your own set of announcements and Export them to Excel

Here’s a video i made explaining this feature-


very nice work keep on doing good job

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Introducing Financial Results Calendar Feature on Shodh . So that a user can see past & upcoming financial results in a calendar visualization for idea generation process - Shodh.Arthavruksha.Co.In/results

You can just click on the more icon on each date and a popup will open up which will directly tell u which all results are coming on that particular date

You can also click each company name which will eventually redirect u to each company’s page so that u can research on them even more .

Do Provide me your feedback on this results calendar feature in Shodh .

Thanks for reading this small post explaining a feature update

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