Shodh - Stock research platform with niche data

Hi @Jay_shankarpure , have some work experience around AWS and Docker. Let me know if you need some help around it.

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Thanks for this sir . Will surely reach out to you if i need any help

@Jay_shankarpure Good stuff Jay! I really appreciate it. I have noticed while scrolling through the sector wise capex that only limited no of companies with ongoing capex have been included in the filter. i.e. 14 in Pharma, 1-2 in Chemicals n fertilizer sector. Hope the list will increase moving forwards?


Great platform,
Can you also include market cap & existing capacity in capex info, so that investors will get a fair idea of relative attractiveness of capex size.

Yep @Mehul1 working over increasing the capex data collection

I tried doing that but a bit hard to extract market cap info via scraping

But I will surely work towards existing capacity data ,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Why will any ine choose Shodh and not Screener?
What advantages does it have over screener?

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Shodh is nothing compared to Screener sir , Screener’s been there when retail investors struggled to get financial data and helped them in many ways .

Shodh is just my efforts to aggregate niche data like capex data into 1 platform which isn’t available now :slight_smile: