Sharing good screens

Hi everyone,

I wanted to create this thread to enable everyone to share good quality screens (from or any other website) which has enabled people to pick stocks for their portfolio. This will be another step in making the investment community even more open and interconnected. The idea is for us to learn from each others’ screens enabling us to create better screens ourselves.

Smallcap Quality Growth

Here is the screen:

Semantic Intent of the Screener
Find inexpensive small (micro to small) companies which have high return on capital employed while also demonstrating good sales growth and increasing operating cash flows. Companies with very high ROCE (>25%) are allowed to be a little more expensive than those with lower ROCEs (>15%).

Companies I have actively analyzed from this screener

  1. PSP Projects
  2. RACL Geartech
  3. Chemcrux
  4. Maithan Alloys
  5. Sandur Manganese
  6. Meghmani organics
  7. Kovai Medical
  8. TV Today network
  9. Kanchi Kapooram

Out of these,

  1. I currently am heavily invested in Chemcrux and RACL geartech (Full portfolio here).
  2. Used to be invested in meghmani and maithan.
  3. Am actively considering PSP projects.
  4. Considered and discarded the rest.

Would be very useful to see the kind of screens others are using to find good investments.


I obtained this from the blogspace “”, which many of you, perhaps, already know.

This can be one way of screening companies in different categories… additional criteria can be used like debt-to-equity, mcap etc. as per individual liking… the blue, green and yellow boxes do throw up good companies…but i think most of them would be overvalued at this point of time


I think this is a good idea, let’s see what can be built from here.
Meanwhile, attaching a framework shared by Safal Niveshak Blog which I’ve found to be very good :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. I actually ran this filter:

The safal niveshak link:

I made only a couple of minor changes:

  1. We cannot track growth of asset turnover ratio so i just filtered for ATR > 1
  2. I did not apply any PE filter so we can actually see entire spectrum of companies from low P/E to high P/E
  3. I only limit to market cap < 50,000cr since we are mostly looking for medium size companies on this forum.
  4. Minimum market cap I kept at 50cr since I’m particularly interested in microcaps.

The results are fascinating.
Many of the very often discussed companies on valuePickr turn up such as:

  1. PI Industries
  2. Symphony
  3. Relaxo
  4. GMM pfaudler
  5. Poly medicure
  6. Alkyl amines
  7. Valiant Organics
  8. Transpek
  9. Page industries.
  10. IOL Chemicals

I do own 2 of these: Chemcrux and Poly medicure. Many of these are very very richly priced like PI/Astral/Dr lalpath’s/GMM Pfaudler/Relaxo/Page

Some of the unloved (low P/E) ones include Meghmani/KRBL/Kanchi Kapooram.
Thanks for sharing this resource, will use this as an additional filter going forward. :slight_smile:


I have 2 Screens for my personal use. I created them myself.

Dinesh Sairam’s Non BFSI Screener

Heavy focus on Cashflow-producing businesses with decent Return Ratios and Growth. Also has supporting filters for Pricing Power (Ignores paper thin Margins), Skin in the Game (Promoter Holding, Pledging), Altman Z Score (Takes care of Bankruptcy / Debt) and dubiousness (Extremely low P/E or P/B).

Dinesh Sairam’s BFSI Screener

Pretty much the same principles, except there’s no straight forward way of assessing the Cashflows, so that’s missing.


Good set. I own PI, Symphony, relaxo, GMM, Polymed and alkyl amines from this list. Apart from symphony and relaxo all others have given great returns in recent past.

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Here is my screener named as classic compounder.


Good screener @Sudheer_Pal, I can see one thing is common, promoters holding is greater than 74% except indiamart.


I generally prefer high promoter holding and low equity share holding. Examples are mnc’s abbott, 3m, honeywell, nestle.
Some indian are also available ltts, lti, pidilite, gmm faudlar, relaxo, etc

IndiaMart is an exception in case of promoter holding as there is scarcity of listed internet based business in India.