Scuttlebutt Approach : Paul Lountzis

Found this diagram from Paul Lountzis on how he performs scuttlebutt. Found the diagram interesting, and pertinent to the DNA of ValuePickr. Might be useful to go through:


Hello Karan,

Thanks for sharing.
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Sharing a great interview which is 1 hour long on Scuttlebutt by Paul Lountzis

Great site to bookmark for Investing knowledge.


Hi Karan, Thanks for sharing the diagram. In case you people want to download the actual mindmap, its available on my blog here.


Excellent video. Watched once and will watch few more times :slight_smile:
@crazymama Thanks for sharing !!

Based on this video, Few questions from my side to the seniors

  1. What kind of materials you look at to gain industry specific knowledge (I assume it would be beyond industry overviews in ARs) ?
  2. How do you go about identifying and reaching out to the domain experts/thought leaders of that industry ?
  3. Finally given the sheer number of companies across all industries, what will be your starting trigger to look at a specific subset of companies from the industry (past growth ?..but what if they are new and are in business for 2-3 years) ? I’m trying to understand on how do you find them early ?
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Thanks Karan for sharing the link. This is very good interview. Obviously I am assuming this investor is successful over the years and there is truth in whatever he has claimed. He has thrown many names.
Assuming he is genuine…The investor has clear strengths in social and emotional intelligence and he has mentioned how he leverages his strength to gain valuable differential insights about opportunities. I think his methods fit well with this forum. On many occasions people have supplied valuable info and insights regarding the companies or managements on VP forum. Based on this interview…the next leap for the VP community would be to develop and tap their network of industry insiders/experts to gain differential insights about the industry or regulation or company.

Thanks again.