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Road Construction players - Who will win the race along the upcoming freeways?

NHAI is likely to miss its target of awarding contracts for 7,500 km for the previous fiscal year. So far, it has been able to award only 2,222 km of contracts for FY19, according to data compiled from government websites.

Dilip Buildcon declared results and slowdown in awarding contracts is reflecting in its Order book. Order book at end of FY19 Rs 21171 Cr v/s Rs 23888 Cr as of last year. Sad to see this slowdown as this was among few sectors where development was visible. It might take few more months before momentum picks up but that is also dependent on who forms the new govt and if this still remains a focus area.

Welspun Enterprises declared results, atleast they were able to reach total revenue (including other income ) as guided (1860 cr) , rest of the details about orderbook , plans in current FY not available yet and waiting for company to schedule investor call and provide investor ppt.

welspun-enter.pdf (3.5 MB)


Investor call was at 4:00 PM today, will wait for recording to be made available.

The results from Sadbhav are not encouraging

“The blue print for highways is already in place. We plan to take up work worth at least Rs 15 trillion in highways that includes building 22 green expressways, rolling out all stuck projects in the next 100 days and creating a ‘grid of roads’ at par with power grid,” Gadkari told PTI in an interview on Wednesday

Can anyone point out the biggest beneficiaries of this push?


As far as I remember, this bonus was already accounted for in the books last year and its just a cash flow item now. So wont have any effect on the future revenues.

Is it so? Then why this declaration now? I do not remember any communication made regarding any bonus within last 1.5 yrs.

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I would suggest go through last 2–3 conf call transcripts and you would find the info. They account it when its almost certain to receive that. This announcement is for the actual money being received.

Could you please highlight the exact reference you are refering. And how does this will not have effect in ongoing quarter balance sheet if actual amount is being received now?

When I say accounted, it means they already showed this in P&L and the amount should have been in ‘Receivables’. Now with amount received the receivables would reduce this quarter but it wont be added to the revenues.
You can go through last 2–3 conf call transcripts for actual details on quarter in which they had accounted this as I dont remember in which of the calls I had heard this detail.


Pretty bad Q1 FY2020 results from KNR Constructions (Link)

If anyone tracking the company/sector can explain the factors then it will be very helpful


[Edit] As per Investor Presentation (link), there was a delay in the HAM projects in Q1. Company expects revenues to stabilize in coming quarters and FY 2020

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Himadri speciality and ace construction equipments are engaged in related activity. They will do well down the line in case the planned spending on infrastructure becomes a reality.

Curious to know how Himadri is related to road construction business. Although this thread is for direct Road construction players, still would like to know how Himadri coming into discussion.

Yes wrong inclusion thanks for pointing out…

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main issue is the lack of appointed dates being handed over to cos by the authority due to land acquisition issues… once financial closure is done cos move their equipments to site but start booking revenue once apptd dates are received … but what i see is that majority of AD are being issued now and the present pending projects shud be done away with by sept 2019 end