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Firstly thanks for wonderful update to the VP Forum.

Need your help in understanding the process of updating the Password. I tried checking the Preferences tab but unfortunately, couldn’t find the solution.


I also looked at the option of changing password but could not find it. Pratyush please guide us for the same. Thanks.

@manish962 and @dipen01 : We are aware about the change password problem. We will try to fix it ASAP.


Thanks a lot…Pratyush :slight_smile:

Thanks Pratyush for your prompt reply.

We have added a link to change password on the homepage of ValuePickr.

See the screenshot below:


Cool @pratyushmittal.

The top navigation bar looks like a work in progress? The navigation is slightly confusing.

Are you planning to move the ‘Change password’ link to the “Preferences” section?

And taking nitpicking to an extreme, can we revise the smile emoticon? What is being marked as a smile is a LOL :smile: and looks a little odd. :stuck_out_tongue:

You folks have created a beautiful website. Congratulations!

was not able to login on this new platform from yday. after changing password i could login again :grinning:
Thanks a lot all senior guys who took herculean efforts for this…
Gr8 refreshing look.

This is not a problem but maybe something to consider - after clicking on a link, is it possible to have the link open in a new tab? Right now, the user has to leave the valuepickr site on clicking a link.

When we are in a particular forum and click on back button, it brings us back to home page and not the previous page.

Deleting a post doesn’t seem to work. The post remains there. (I’m using an iPad)

Congrats on the good work. Although not really a problem but something worth’s considering - You have done away with the pagination but with it comes a side effect, that to see the most recent comments i have to download the entire page and imagine if i were to write something about ajanta pharma or kitex. Also, until and unless a user is new to a topic, he may not wish to browse the entire topic and therefore, for a returning user who just wishes to go though last few recent messages downloading the entire topic every time is a real waste of bandwidth. Probably you could sort the topic comments just like you do topics themselves, i.e. time based.

Just my two cents to make this beautiful forum even better.

Hey by the way, what’s the new technology stack for this forum. (You dont “have to” answer this question though)

A small issue I faced today is Links to stock Stories and Management Q&As from with in a stock discussion thread not working. I was checking the Poly Medicure thread today and faced this issue.

Must say the migration of old threads to this new platform was a herculean task. Well accomplished!

please sort post from latest to old same problem facing earlier but not rectified in this new form


This is amazing work.

I have few suggestions regarding the design of the forum. Over the years the post become too long and lot of useful information gets buried in the post. For example - Avanti feeds.


  1. 2-3 people can be made owner of the post. Owners need to update the initial post with the relevant information periodically from the repliers. Initial post can be pinned. Therefore all the relevant information in collated in the Initial post and remain up-to-date.
  2. Owners can be changed. More can be added. Removed and so on by the admin.
  3. The order of the post can be reversed. New post first.

That is it for now. Thanks.

  • Jumping to latest post: Just press the End button after clicking on a new thread. This does not load all the posts, but skips ahead. Similarly, if you are already at the last post, the Home will take you quickly to the first post. We could improve this later through plugins and user preferences
  • Broken Links: Yes, this is something we didn’t fix during migration from the old platform.Between balancing other priorities, we just ran out of time and bandwidth.
  • Deleted posts: Deleted posts will become private and hidden to others, but can still be viewed by the owner, moderators or administrator. More on this here Policy on handling deleted posts
  • Editing and long term user behavior: With the new ability to edit posts, hopefully we will see longer and more structured posts from content creators. This is a behavioral change, and will take its own time.
  • Collaboration and thread ownership: Once the administrators @adminph2 become more comfortable with managing the site, they can start using plugins to customize. For instance Shared-Edits. There are many other cool plugins available for collaboration.
  • Technical details on platform: The site is based on Discourse. It is a Ruby on Rails platform that uses a lot of Javascript. For this reason, the site may seem to load slowly the first time that you visit it on a new browser, because it transfers a whole bunch of Javascript assets. Once this is done, the site should load pretty fast for subsequent visits. Due to the cutting edge nature, it might only work on modern browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox. If you have a MacOS/iOS device, then upgrade to latest firmware if you have issues with the forum. @pratyushmittal can give a more detailed explanation on how awesome Discourse is :smiley:

Hi, Is there any way to change the user id… Thanks


Yes. Go to you image (on top right hand side) -> Click preferences.

Be careful while changing your username, it might break old links.

The new platform remembers the position where the person left. For returning users, it will automatically load from that place.

For new users, it is generally better to read from start to get the context of discussion. If for some reason, however, they preffer to start reading from last post, then clicking on the extreme right link will load from last post:

As @vml mentioned, we can use Home and Back to quickly jump anywhere.


Thanks Gaurav for extending your support. But there is no option to change the user-name over there. @pratyushmittal Is there any way to change the user name