Red Tape Ltd. - The next fashion giant?

In addition to this if you check the Google trends, it is clearly indicating the Redtape search traction in last few years.

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Yesterday this new store has opened. It’s amazing to see the speed with which they have been able to execute this.
I went and did some shopping… interesting to see that they bring/copy the new fashion doing well in premium brands very quickly :smiley:



sir ,from which site you do graphical valuation

If you are talking about this post

Then it was from

I’ve become a regular visitor to my local store lately, and I must say, their selection across various categories is truly impressive. Have bought a lot of stuff from them. While I understand that personal taste plays a role, I find their curation to be consistently excellent.

In particular, their range of non-footwear items such as clothing and accessories is remarkable. These products have been contributing significantly to their revenue, already surpassing 43% last quarter, and they’ve secured substantial shelf space in the physical stores. In my opinion, they’ve transcended the traditional perception of being solely a shoe company. Comparing them solely to brands like Bata and Relaxo may no longer be as appropriate as it used to be. They’ve evolved into something more, perhaps a fashion retailer.


What if they eventually prove the thread’s title right? You guys treating me then.



Better late than never…Just came across this one month old article.

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As mentioned in last AGM, Redtape have launched ‘backpack’ category also. Available at Amazon and Flipkart.


Hey, I tried visiting Redtape outlets in South Delhi but unfortunately most outlets had either closed or were just selling the clothes alongside other brands. I went to three stores based on google maps - one in Ansal plaza had closed (like most other stores in AP, including decathlon), two others in Lajpat Nagar were selling only clothes alongside other brands. The owners told me Shoes are only sold in Red Tape exclusive stores while clothes are being sold in multi retails stores as well.

Not sure how to interpret this change. Any inputs regarding these changes? Is it for efficiency or are they cutting down the costs or some other factor