RBM Infra - a less discussed SME

My experience of investing with RBM Infra:

Being from instrumentation background, I had some seniors who used to work here a decade back so was pretty much surprised to see its IPO coming. The impression among engineers of Saurashtra region was that this co. basically does the shutdown / overhauling of Essar and Reliance. These two companies are too big to do these kind of yearly shutdowns on their own and hence use companies like RBM to perform shutdown. But lately RBM has grown its business line and has become a small EPC player

Asked those seniors of the feedback and it was pretty much positive.

There was no buzz of this company when it got listed. After sometime it became 2x and still I didnot sell since I thought that there is a lot of steam in it.

The real test started when it became it came down to almost its IPO price and some investors started departing their ways from it. However those who knew of this company’s potential would definitely not have sold it during that downturn.

I started calling the CS in Dec 2023. She didnot pick and after a week I sold my entire holdings.

I got in touch with Mr. Deepak (one of their directors) via linkedin after sometime and called him up. He told me to mail the MD , Mr. Mani

I sent a mail to the Mr. Mani and was surprised that called me directly on my phone and answered all the queries. He seems to be quite humble and a god fearing person. He listened to me patiently and then answered on most of the queries.

Even last week I had a word with Mr. Mani.He is still quite confident in saying that all the plans of the company are as per the original plans and there wont be any problem in the execution. Though he denied to reveal much ( and I was happy for that) he told me to remain updated in screener :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

He seems to have set set ambitious plans for the company and is quite confident on moving to the main board.

What remains to be seen is how fast they can execute their current order book.


Sir, I wanted to share some feedback with you regarding the responses I’ve observed on several threads. I’ve noticed that sometimes the context of conversations with management isn’t fully provided. It would be immensely helpful if you could include more details about the questions asked and the responses received. This way, readers can better understand the situation. Your efforts to ensure clarity and transparency are appreciated.

Thank you


Hi @Punit_T, the management has guided for 189 cr of revenues in Q4 FY-24 as per the investor ppt but it is only 57 cr. There is no communication regarding the reasons for the same. Do you have any idea, what is the reason behind the same ?

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