Raymond - The Complete Man

Note: This is news article from CNBC TV18 & ET.

If it materializes, I guess Raymond LTD will immediately become net debt free.
The ET article says the revenue for this particular business segment (Park Avenue & KS brands) is around 750 crores.


I think this the reason for the pledge by Raymond promoters…they might raise their stake in Raymond consumer…along with the external investor…while Raymond sells out…and clears it’s debt…

Q4 result looks very good. Topline growth, Higher margins, Debt reduction etc. With further debt reduction via FCF, fund raise (JK Files IPO), net profit also will increase due to reduction in interest. Top of it, RE business seems to be really doing well. I guess it would be interesting to see how they manage funds for growing the same.

Any views on valuations? Looks quite cheap at around 5500 crores


They seem to have booked significant revenue in Real estate during FY22 and particularly in last quarter. While EBITA is improving in rest of the business. Outlook for real estate revenue for FY23 is quite important

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They have indeed done good job for cost optimization

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Raymond has a FMCG business jointly owned by Singhania family. But the financial numbers of FMCG division is not reported in the consolidated numbers (or so it seems). Does anyone have an idea about this?

Yes, FMCG business revenue are not accounted in Raymond Consolidated business since Raymond hold 48% only. However dividend accounted

What does the sustainable PAT per quarter appears to be…any insights or guidance from management in conference call?

Raymond stock price has gone up rapidly in the past few days. Is there any positive news?

Need opinion on the article from link below. I am not a CA, hence unable to understand. But just curious about management practices


Clarification from management:

Here the managment says its writeoff off recievables in for apparel business ie 200cr… ? is it related to this… ?

This was also confirmed by Raymond CFO is a recent interview with ET Now

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