Price Tracker for Various Chemicals, Commodities and Metals

I thought of investing in commodity/chemical/Metal stocks to take advantage of price boom in the beginning of 2017. However difficulty I faced was to keep a track of price movement of commodity/chemicals/Metal price in India.

I tried with several websites and finally found one ( where I found few chemical (DMF, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash) prices updates (India Prices specifically) where I had invested. I have highlighted the change in price in yellow.

And for metals I used However steelmint team at times changes the units/type of metal we track hence the tracker would show sudden variation. I have highlighted the boxes in yellow from where it got changed in Metal tracker.
This has helped me with my investments.

I am sharing the tracker that I been maintaining for last several months. This contains prices of several other chemicals and many of whom I am not even aware. Also there is a metal price tracker.

As someone has said, Data is meaningless unless you convert that to information.Hence as a community if we can look at this data and share the info about companies or trends you specialize in to help Forum members in their investment decisions.

Also we can use this thread as a place holder for any trackers that any of you are maintaining.

@Admin : I could not find any such thread hence created a new one. Incase you find any existing thread please merge this one with that.

Metal price tracker.xlsx (9.9 KB)
chemical price tracker.xls (261 KB)


@zoro99 - Thanks, this is very useful. Would you be kind enough to share the latest excel file of Chemical prices. Thanks in advance.

I am also trying to find other sources which provide chemical prices and price trends. If any one could point me to some resources it would be of great help. Thanks.

Here you go, excel contains latest as well as historical data.

Chemical-Price-Tracker.xlsx (101.5 KB)


Will you please share excel with metal commodities as well?
Thank you.

@vivida05 , buddy I stopped tracking metals few months back. Hence dont have that data handy.
But you can prepare historic data fron steelmint, just have to keep changing the date from drop down

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can we find similar price tracker data for shrimps ?

If there some website for shrimp prices you know please share and I can try automate that if feasible.

PFA updated data for various chemical price I track
Chemical-Price-Tracker-Oct-6-2018.xlsx (122.0 KB)

[EDIT} : Uploaded updated sheet with better color schema to identify price change easily


Thanks Sarabjeet this site only gives daily, do you use something like beautifulsoup to scrape it?

@edwardlobo , Yes, you are right. I am using BeautifulSoup function for this task.

@zoro99, Can you possibly send me your script as I was in the process of making one.
Thank you

Sure, will message you.

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To make more sense out of this price tracking, I prepared a short list of chemicals and related companies I track. I would request members to contribute with info they have about chemicals and related companies.

Disc : I am not a Chemical Engineer hence have only basic knowledge and info collected is from Internet


I track tgv sraac old name rayalseema alkaly. Their avg realisation of caustic was around 38 rs last year. This year we can expect around 45 +
They make chloromethene too.

I am invested in this company and closely tracking it

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the data in this is wrong…they don’t update prices…the prices for phenol for better part of 4 months has been higher than 105. has only recently come down

Caustic price too have softened little . In wholesale mkt it’s around 40 after recent crude and dollar meltdown . Company price must be around 38. Anybody tracking caustic then please. Give their views

Thanks for the update guys.
(Adinath Petro) are selling their products at price mentioned on their website. So they may not change their prices immediately and modify them with a slight lag. Hence we need to take them as guidance only and not base our short term investments on this.

@Gaurav152 I am not sure about the ‘PHENOL’ price as why will company list price lesser than the market ? Or the Phenol that you are saying could be some other specific chemical based on Phenol, Could you pls share the source for your info ?

Adinath has not changed caustic price of 52 since few months. From dealer i got price of 40 so manufacturers must be selling at 38. .And this price is fairly lower then adinath indicative price.
We will have to find some other source of price. Else it will be totally misleading .
Please all members give info of any commodity price u track in this forum so we can get some idea

These are the export realisations for Caustic Soda till September.

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Thanks a lot . Atleast we get fair idea of price. curious about present price after crude is down