Potential wealth creators portfolio: Views Invited

I don’t over analyse stocks much . I go by few parameters lis quality of promoters, debt level, growth of business, long term prospects and sectoral tailwind.

I wan to reduce my portfolio to say 20-25 but at times i find it hard to ignore quality stocks which has a bright future ahead.
So got into affle, route , ion exchange

Lastly I prefer mostly quality midcap stocks that’s y name like RIL, Titan, icici bank , asian paints, pidilite, ultratech cement , TCS , HCL , Airtel, are missing from my portfolio

If you aren’t an expert in financial analysis & won’t be able to catch shenanigans easily then its okay to have a diversified portfolio. We are so much used to hear about investing in concentrated manner but that is only one way of investing. Peter Lynch and many others owned a diversified portfolio and still beat the market by a broad margin.

Do hear the following interviews of Samir Arora.



I wish that no sooner than later a follower of popular investors to get reality check before they come to the point of regret and disaster.

Getting mesmerized with words of anyone is very easy in this sugar coated profession. Its human nature to keep closing the eye for bitter truth and ugly experiences.

Your stock selection has hit the bulls eye and rarely seen with many people with your age and experience. Great selection. Be open to learn and adopt flexibility. It helps generally.

Happy investing.


Please do let me know any sectors i am missing. Where I should keep an eye on

Sir, have view on Cyient. One of the cheapest IT stock, though Q3 result was not good but management commentary was impressive

Sorry sir I don’t track cyient. I agree it’s valuations are cheap compared to other IT stocks.
N since long it haven’t moved much as compared to other IT stock. May b for a reason

There i a thread on cyient. Check it
Might be helpful

I exited from creditaccess, Nippon AMC . For long term still was not 100% convinced
And bought additional Hdfc Life .
I feel quality insurance stocks are better
Compared to AMC’s stocks . Others might disagree . Opinion invited

Got Home first finance IPO . Booked listing gains . HFC business has cut throat competition for bank.

Sujay as you are from IT field
Can you please help me with Persistent system .

Is it good for long term.
Is their business a growing one?
Quality of management?

Or it’s jus wen up in last 8-10 months as most of the IT stocks were having a bull run

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I am not from IT field.

I occasionally track Persistant System. It indeed has a long term business model and its growth seems to have come back. We have an active thread on Persistent. Please check that and you will get most of your answers.

Ok sujay . Thank you

Currently I am tracking the following

  1. KNR construction
  2. Sumitomo India

Anyone here tracking? Views appreciated

KNR Construction seems to be the most conservative and efficient road construction players in the listed universe.

Although it is from the stable of a well known Japanese parent, I prefer Bayer Crop Science (its exact peer) as it has much longer history of good execution and is comfortably valued.

Disc: not invested in these two.

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Knr has a good order book . N project execution

Budget allocations for infra sector is also good…

Even though I avoid real estate and infra stocks completely.

KNR can be an exception

How is knr able to get the payments quickly from state governments?

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I’ve NO clue how things work in Infra space. trying to learn things .

With little reading here n there.Got Knr .

Surprisingly No thread on knr on VP

So I posted here for suggestions

Anyone tracking Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd ??

Cheaper valuations among Midcap Pharmaceutical stocks.
N for 5-6 months into consolidation

Many are tracking. We have a very active thread in this forum. You may also search for @hitesh2710 ji’s portfolio thread. IIRC he shared rationale behind such sideways movement.

Disc: I don’t track this company.

Yes i read his views. Thank you.

I Invest and track mostly Speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical, IT/ Technology , financials , consumer discretionary .

Other than this any sectors i should keep an eye on ?
As long term bets, not trading. I prefer buy n hold fo long…
suggestions will be helpful.